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POSTED Jul 17, 2018

RemoteParis, France   📆 Full-time

at Kaiko

Kaiko is a B2B company providing financial market data in the digital assets / cryptocurrency space. The company was originally founded by Pascal Gauthier, now President at Ledger, and has been growing rapidly, as demand from institutional and professional investors for quality data has increased.

Job Description

Join a team of passionate developers in Paris building a data-as-a-service platform for everything crypto. The current focus is extending our product portfolio and building a robust infrastructure for data collection and delivery.


We grow continuously together as individuals and as a team. Cornerstones of this is an openness to new ideas and processes, collaboration, no-blame culture and direct but positive and constructive feedback. Everyone in the team depends on high levels of respect and confidence maintained between all employees. We value diversity and that everyone feels included and welcome regardless of background, ethnicity, culture, gender, age or personal interests.


We are looking for someone with an overlap in the following:

  • Seasoned software developer (OOP, Functional programming, git, TDD, CI, CD).
  • Has developed systems running at scale requiring horizontal scaling.
  • Has genuine interest in emerging technologies related to distributed systems.
  • Previous experience of big data in running in the cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure).
  • Has developed stacks producing data in a streaming manner.
  • Comfortable in *nix environments.
  • Reasons proficiently about availability and reliability.
  • Comfortable troubleshooting production systems.
  • Has experience working with applications that require distributed synchronisation.
  • Designs robust applications and infrastructure (Monitoring, Logging).
  • Enjoys an agile working process.
  • Loves teaching and learning.
  • Comfortable in an English only work environment.
  • Open minded about technology and programming language choices.
  • Interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Salary range


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