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May 07

Kate 0xAdventure
May 07, 2022

0xAdventure is a DAO-based NFT-Fi Hub, building a financial infrastructure based on the NFT ecosystem, bridging markets to capital-efficient future built on realizing maximum yields on NFTs.

Job Description

Job description:

  1. Responsible for advertising copywriting and creative ideas and formation
  2. Accurate grasp of NFTs customer intent in a timely manner to meet customer requirements to provide creative ideas, responsible for the implementation of specific creative performance for 0xAdventure platform, including advertising campaigns, landing pages, product descriptions, web properties, sales collateral, and more
  3. Depends on different channels, carry out content disassembly, scheduling, distribution and feedback in medium, twitter, telegram, discord
  4. Coordinate with different teams to control the production of quality, to ensure that product copywriting in line and attract customers' attention.

Job requirements:

  1. 3years‘ experience in advertising industry
  2. Above 1 years‘ of related experience in crypto technical products writing
  3. White paper writing and typesetting experience is a plus
  4. Experience in dealing with different creative projects at the same time
  5. Fast learner, project research ability,a genuine interest in cryptocurrency, blockchains, and other Web3 technologies
  6. Flexible and able to turnover quality copy quickly when needed
  7. Comfort and/or experience with remote work

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Kate 0xAdventureKate

May 07, 2022

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