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POSTED Dec 04, 2018

Singapore   ✍️ Content   📆 Full-time

at Stansberry Pacific Research

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About Stansberry Pacific Publishing

They’re taking the mystery out of finance and investing so that you are empowered and informed to make your own investment decisions. Their aim is to help people just like you who are tired of the market noise and who are ready to build true wealth now. They can help you stay away from investments that will hurt you, and find the ones that will grow your portfolio – so that you can educate your kids, take care of your family, and live the life you’ve always wanted. They live in a world with too much information and not enough solutions. And this problem is compounded by too many people who are eager to help you invest your money in a way that will line their pockets instead of yours. They’re independent analysts and writers who cut through the hype of the mainstream financial media, and self-serving private bankers, to give you real insiders’ insight. They have no hidden agenda. They’ll never try to sell you a brokerage account or insurance product. They don’t want to manage your money. They think that the best person to make decisions about your money is you… an informed and educated you.

Job Description

Do you live and breathe new technologies? Are you the person who was buying shares of Nvidia… figuring out AI… exploring IoT… and linking up with blockchain …long before everyone else? Are you already figuring out the best way to buy the next trend… do you already know, inside out, the technology trends that will be the big story – next year?

If so, Kim Iskyan would like to create a multi-million dollar business around you and your expertise.

Kim Iskyan is the publisher at one of the fastest growing financial research firms in the world, Stansberry Pacific Research, an Agora Company. Last year, they jumped from zero to $18 million in revenue. And this coming year they’d like to double that.

To that end, they are creating a newsletter about investing in cutting edge, paradigm-changing technologies.

And they need someone with the contacts, the know-how, and the passion to find these opportunities… and write about them…

You do not have to be Shakespeare. You do not have to have previous experience in the newsletter or investment research business (though newsletter junkies are welcome of course!).

But you must be willing to think big… believe in your own ideas… and deliver research, insight and stock recommendations that their readers won’t get anywhere else.

They will give preference to gurus with the following qualifications.

… You have a real background as a tech insider…whether as an analyst, an investor, a journalist, or someone who has worked at or ran a tech company…

… You have a deep network of contacts around the world that helps you identify trends long before the regular media (contacts in Asia preferred)…

… You are excited to share your insights and ideas with tens of thousands – perhaps even hundreds of thousands – of subscribers…

… You are interested in building a long-term relationship with your readers (this is not a platform for launching your hedge fund)…

This is a chance to get paid to do what you love. Most editors in the financial research and newsletter industry earn well into the six figures. And the best can earn far, far more. It’s all about the strength of the ideas and credibility you bring to the table.

As part of The Agora Companies, one of the largest networks for financial publishers in the world, they have the marketing and editorial know-how to create big, engaged audiences for the right guru. Is that you?

If so, here’s how to apply:

To Apply Submit along two documents…

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter that tells them:
  1. your background
  2. the number one trend, new technology, or unknown tech company that you are most excited about right now.
  3. anything else that makes you unique…for example, what do you love besides technology? Do you own a small hobby farm? Do you collect rare coins? The more they know, the better!

Salary range


This job has expired

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