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Tech Lead

POSTED Mar 02, 2018
Leo, WeOne
Leo Mar 02, 2018
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at WeOne

Job Description

Building a billion dollar gaming industry on the blockchain

WeOne aims to build a decentralized digital economy for the gaming industry and eSports scene.
Through our existing partnerships with listed companies in Asia, we will seamlessly create a platform that directly connects between members of the gaming community- gamers, sponsors, tournament organizers and content providers.

This united vision will undoubtedly spur growth of eSports by allowing easy creation and monitoring of eSports events.


  • Keen to learn about blockchain technology
  • Don’t mind getting your hands dirty to get stuffs done
  • Experience in leading a tech team
  • Javascript, C++, Python
  • Full stack is a plus


  • Responsible for all technical aspects
  • Take charge of product developments
  • Implementing product roadmap and meeting milestones
  • Train and lead a team of junior developers

Salary range

$4k - $10k including token allocation depending on experience

Job is filled

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