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If you're looking for community management jobs in the crypto and blockchain industry, you've come to the right place. It involves working as a moderator and managing the community on various platforms, including Telegram.


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"Surprisingly, crypto community manager jobs are one of the most demanded jobs in cryptocurrency industry. Every ICO and exchange needs one or two community managers that will manage social media, telegram chat, reddit, bitcointalk and other forums. Ofter these jobs are overlooked, because most people think that jobs in crypto are only for the tech people. This is very far away from truth. Every crypto company, large or small, requires a range of non-technical skills to succeed. Community management is a big part of that success. This job category is also most often opens up opportunites for remote workers and people living all over the world. Often native speaking ability in a range of languages (such as Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese) are required to thrive in these career path.

Community Manager is one of the most popular non-tech jobs in the crypto industry. However, being a community manager in this space is not easy. If you want to find a Telegram Moderator Job or manage Crypto Community on Telegram, you should be an expert.

The crypto industry is evolving at a rapid pace every single day. As a community manager, you should have a deep understanding of the company you’re working for and the industry at large. You should be able to solve individual problems and engage with the community.

Check out the story of Joshua Hay on how he became a community manager. After years of being in the crypto space, he got involved with a DAO he loved. They let him work as a volunteer moderator. This experience, in turn, landed him paid roles as a moderator in three more projects.

As a Community Manager in the crypto industry, you need to be passionate about the projects. If you feel you’re ready, check out some of the open community manager jobs above.

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