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POSTED Jan 03, 2018


Natali Jan 03, 2018
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Do you love working with new media and are passionate about Crypto? Then THIS is the position for you!

As a video marketeer at AboutTokens you get to create explanation videos about new tech right from your home.

The responsibilities include;

Doing desk research about tech topics
Creating video scripts for explanation videos
Producing screencast videos about tech topics (you need to be comfortable with sharing your webcam image too)
Compiling the video so you can send our team the finished video file
The requirements are;

Being able to work from home at ad-hoc times (whenever a video is needed)
Fluent in the English language
Good understanding of internet technologies
Comfortable with showing your face through the webcam in the video
If you’re interested this position then please send your application in the form of a short video introducing yourself. Nothing fancy; just to show that you are able to present yourself in a professional way. Production quality is not relevant for this.


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