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If you are looking for 🔗 remote blockchain jobs, we’ve got good news for you! The cryptocurrency industry is very remote-friendly. We have not seen any other industry that offers so many remote jobs. Most Crypto jobs are remoteand companies care about the talent more than the location.

Remote Crypto Jobs for everyone

As you know, even the most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are developed and maintained by remote teams. This is a bit unprecedented and does not match any other cutting edge niche in the technology space. This opens up tremendous opportunities for talented technical and non-technical talent to contribute to the growth of blockchain technologies and earn a great living while doing that!

No matter where you are on Earth, you’ll be able to find a remote blockchain job in a startup. Just make sure you’ve got the right skills and are persistent with your application process. Craft a great cover letter, ensure your resume is up-to-date, and apply to a few companies where you believe you’ll fit the best. (Please don’t just spray-and-pray your application to hundreds of blockchain companies.)

Remote Blockchain Jobs Pay in Crypto

The most significant advantage of the crypto industry jobs is that most even pay in Crypto. This opens up opportunities for people in all countries. Believe it or not, the banking industry still charges a considerable fee just to transfer money from one country to another. This makes it very difficult for companies to hire people from different countries, as they might have to set up a different payment method for each employee. Banking friction is one of the biggest reasons companies do not hire remote talent from multiple countries.

Crypto solves that. Companies that pay in Crypto can hire anyone across the globe. There are crypto companies that have employees in more than 50 different countries and process payments with ease. Crypto companies even hire remote people who are anons.

Some of the most frequent remote crypto jobs include community manager roles, product and UX designers, crypto traders, and very often crypto startups are open to hiring engineers remotely too.

So go ahead and apply! Good luck!

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