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Job RoleCompanySalaryLocation
IT Support EngineerPolygon$$$India
Concept Artist (Remote, Global)Metatheory$$$Remote
Compliance Manager/SpecialistAZA Finance$$$Madrid
Senior Android Developer (Remote - Work from Anywhere)Xapo Bank$$$Gibraltar
Concept Artist (Remote, USA)Metatheory$$$Global
Vice President of Risk ManagementMoonPay$$$Remote, United States
Head of Ecosystem AccelerationNEAR Foundation$$$Remote - Global
Enterprise Account Executive, NortheastChainalysis$$$New York City, New York, USA | New Jersey, USA | Connecticut, USA
Senior UI/UX Designer (Remote)Metatheory$$$Global
Global Payroll ManagerKraken Digital Asset Exchange$$$Remote Anywhere
Senior Golang EngineerPolygon$$$Bengaluru
Enterprise Account Executive, San FranciscoChainalysis$$$San Francisco, CA
Engineering Manager, Digital Assets PlatformAnchorage Digital$$$United States
Engineering Manager, Government SystemsChainalysis$$$New York City, New York | Remote
Facilities Assistant UK based.Parity Technologies$$$London, England, United Kingdom
Senior Technology GRC AnalystChainalysis$$$Canada | Remote
Lead Technical Artist (Remote, Sweden)Metatheory$$$Sweden
Engineering Manager, Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP)Chainlink Labs$$$Remote
Staff Software Engineer, DataChainalysis$$$London, England | Copenhagen, Denmark | Aarhus, Denmark | Remote - EMEA | Remote- CANADA
Compliance Testing and Monitoring ManagerAnchorage Digital$$$United States

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a Remote Job in Crypto?

To get a remote job in crypto, follow these steps:

  1. Get familiar with popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and understand their structures.
  2. Learn about cryptography, which is the basis of cryptocurrency security.
  3. Evaluate your skills to determine which aspect of the crypto industry you fit into, whether it be technical (STEM jobs) or non-technical roles.
  4. Network with industry experts and professionals through sites like LinkedIn and attend conferences.
  5. Update your CV and start searching for a job.

In the crypto industry, there are both technical and non-technical roles. Technical roles, such as blockchain developer, engineer, and software engineer, usually require a high level of expertise in coding, programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Non-technical roles, such as content writer, marketing manager, and financial analyst, can be filled by those with skills in marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, and problem-solving. Don't be afraid to apply for non-technical positions if you have transferable skills and a willingness to learn. Showcasing your skills through projects, writing, and hackathon contributions can also be a plus.

Are there Jobs that Pay in Crypto?

Yes, there are jobs in the crypto industry that pay in cryptocurrency. This provides opportunities for people in all countries and eliminates the problem of high transfer fees and payment friction in the traditional banking system.

What interview questions recruiters ask for remote job positions?

Recruiters for remote job positions may ask a range of questions to assess the candidate's ability to work effectively outside a traditional office setting. Some common questions they may ask include:

  1. How do you manage distractions while working remotely?
  2. Can you describe your work environment and set-up?
  3. How do you communicate and collaborate with team members?
  4. How do you stay organized and prioritize tasks while working remotely?
  5. Can you provide examples of how you have effectively navigated time zone differences when working with team members in different locations?
  6. Can you discuss how you handle the lack of structure and accountability that can come with remote work?
  7. How do you stay motivated and maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  8. Have you worked remotely before? If so, can you describe your experience and any lessons you learned?

It is important for recruiters to get a clear understanding of the candidate's work style and habits to determine if they will be a good fit for a remote job.

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