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Привет! 👋

Спасибо что долистали до конца страницы! Ещё раз хочу поприветствовать тебя на сайте CryptoJobsList — лучшее место в Интернете для поиска работ в крипто и блокчейн индустриях.

Я только недавно начал переводить сайт на Русский :) Ещё не все переведено, но надеюсь что пользоваться уже можно. Окей. На этом пока всё... Если есть вопросы — пишите в личку и подписывайтесь на мой и корпоративный Твиттер.

I’ve started this job board back in end of September 2017, when I was looking for engineering jobs in cryptocurrency companies myself. I had to jump from site to site, looking for positions in various exchanges, wallets, and research projects. Opportunities were scattered all over the place and pretty hard to come by. So I thought it would be cool to have a centralized (the irony 😅 ) site with all the positions. I thought no one will care about the job board and it’ll die off in a week, but, apparently more and more people cared enough about it to start applying to jobs, sharing Crypto Jobs List with friends and, of course, companies started listing their job posts.

Today I hope you are enjoying the site, applying to jobs and getting response from hundreds of crypto startups that have listings on CJL to day.

I strongly believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy stages, almost like the internet in 1990s. The “Facebooks” and “Googles” of crypto-era are yet to be founded and I believe that the only way to grow this industry is to stop checking coin prices every morning, and start building buidling the technology, products and companies that will fuel the coin market growth.

I suggest you apply to the blockchain jobs listed on Crypto Jobs List, signup to our newsletter and follow up on social media — to stay on top of the latest career opportunities.

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