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Web3 Developer2023-06-03T06:29:50.400Z

Web3 Developer

📍Vietnam💰 $6.5k/month🌱 Member since 2022
Wearer of many hats. Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Writer, Public Speaker, BD noobie, Immaculate Vibes2023-06-03T06:19:42.105Z

Wearer of many hats. Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Writer, Public Speaker, BD noobie, Immaculate Vibes

📍San Francisco, CA💰 $50k/year🌱 Member since 2023
Frontend Engineer | UI/UX Designer2023-06-03T04:33:22.175Z

Frontend Engineer | UI/UX Designer

📍Monterrey, Mexico💰 78,000 anually🌱 Member since 2022
Blockchain Engineer2023-06-02T23:49:23.304Z

Blockchain Engineer

📍Calgary, Canada💰 4k/month🌱 Member since 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Web3 Jobs?

The question is not "what" but "how" to get one. Before telling you what exactly are Web3 Jobs, let's get a brief about what exactly is Web3. Wow, that was a lot of "Web3" in one paragraph...

What is Web3?

Web3 is the future! The idea is to stop giving big corporations power and become the next Red Army. Maybe that was a bit of an overstatement…

Web3 is the next iteration of the internet, which will offer people more control over their data and online activities. Web3 is decentralized technology! Unlike Web2, which is controlled by centralized organizations and companies.

Web3 is more transparent, you can see every transaction on the different blockchains and no one can delete them. In the distant future, you could see what governments are doing with your tax funds. Or medical records. Or who has the Magic Armor someone hacked out of your account! It is like the cooler version of the current internet.


The good news

Like the current version of the internet (Web2), Web3 also needs a lot of people! Not only for the more specialized roles like blockchain developers or smart contract engineers. We need all sorts of talent, from community managers, and quality assurance to customer service and PR managers. Web3 needs almost all existing positions in Web3, but the pay is way better.


Check out some of the roles we have for you.

How to prepare for a Web3 Job Interview?

We are glad you are ready to get richer! Web3 has a place for everyone. Now, if you suck at interviews, we recommend you watch some of our tips on our YouTube channel. At the end of the day, Web3 or not, your interview skills need to be on point. Now, keep in mind Web3 Job interviews are similar to any other job interview but with some extra homework. These are some things you should have in mind before acing that Web3 interview.


1. Learn the basic Web3 concepts: knowing the basic concepts is what will make you qualified for a Web3 job. If you don't know those concepts, you can't be qualified for a Web3 role. Let us give you some concepts, so you can learn right now:

  • Decentralization - This means that there's no centralized authority or middleman in charge. Instead, the community makes decisions.
  • Blockchain - A blockchain is a distributed ledger that records all network transactions. This protects the data's integrity while also making it transparent and safe.
  • Cryptocurrency - A cryptocurrency is a digital currency (duh) protected by cryptography. Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum are used to facilitate decentralized transactions and payments.
  • Smart Contracts - A smart contract is a computer program that executes the terms of a contract when it meets certain conditions. In Web3, smart contracts are used to enforce the rules and regulations of decentralized applications.
  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) - NFTs are unique digital assets that represent ownership of a specific item, such as a piece of art or a collectible. In Web3, NFTs verify ownership and transfer ownership of digital assets in a decentralized way.
  • dApps (Decentralized Applications) - dApps are applications that run on a decentralized network. In Web3, dApps provide services and perform functions in a decentralized and secure manner.

2. Research the company: the same way you do with any company, knowing what they do is important. You should know what role they have in the Web3 ecosystem. Is it a big company? What service do they provide? What are the latest developments? Those are some common questions we would research before going into the lion's den. We recommend you make your list.

3. Pay attention to the new trends: all crypto is glued by the same news, and we all got to get the same cardiac arrhythmia watching Bitcoin prices. Follow Web3 news outlets on social media, you don't have to completely understand what they are talking about. Just know that when the tweet has "BREAKING" and a lot of comments is usually important. Staying up with trends will always be the common ground you and your recruiter will have for small talk.

4. Talk about your experience: being new to Web3 is a possibility, talking about the first time you heard about BTC will give you extra points. Try to investigate some protocols and the history of Web3. Even if you didn't know about it 20 years ago, you craft a story about the history of Web3. Is it dishonest? Don't ask us that, we are just a hiring website, not the moral police.

What roles exist in Web3?

Web3 has a place for everyone! Or almost everyone (if you enjoyed the new Velma series, then there is no place for you). We are going to mention the most common roles (that we know, of course) if you don't fit in any of those categories, don't worry: these are just a few.


Developer: the core of the creation we know as Web3, the fathers of all known tech. While there are some specific Web3 roles in development such as Smart Contracts, Web3 still needs all sorts of developers. Front end, back end, React, DevOps, you name it. Even game devs are welcome! As a dev, you will work with the latest tech via coding, the most fun activity for anyone who doesn’t have a soul. Check out some Developer jobs here.

Researcher: Who said Googling wasn't a profession? You'll need a bit more than that but still, if you are curious, and like figuring stuff out, this could be the one for you. Since Web3 is a tech newborn (or a teenager considering how moody the ETH prices have been lately) there is a lot to learn. You will be researching blockchain technology, economics, cryptography, NFTs, and more! These are some Researcher jobs you can apply for.

Community Manager: You will be the soul of the chat! Community Managers are a vital part of the ecosystem, who else would spam "wen lambo"? While this is a diverse role (some manage social media, others only discord or some all of the above) you need to be a people person. Community Managers ensure that the community is up to the latest news, answer questions, and most important: they are HYPE! Check out some Community Manager jobs.

Business Development: if you were the guy selling candy at school (or illicit substances) this will be the role for you! Business Developers are in charge of reaching out to other cool kids. The idea is to create new partnerships and open new doors for the company. Web 3 needs a lot of those too! Check out some business development jobs.

Trader: cryptocurrency trader buys and sells digital currency to increase profits. Companies in the Web3 space often need Traders to increase their earnings and manage clients' portfolios. Take a look at some Crypto Trader jobs here!

Operations and Administration: accountable for the day-to-day management of the business. It can be the administration of people, financial matters, and other administrative duties. Of course, you get to use the remaining of the monthly budget for a killer breakfast! You can look for Operations and Administration: jobs here.

Product Manager: do you ever wonder what type of messed up mind would give birth to abominations like Twitter (hi uncle Jack)? Product Managers, make sure the product (duh) fits the vision of the creator while ensuring everything goes smoothly. This includes making sure goals in the roadmap are met and that the product kinda makes sense. We know that Twitter needs one of those: there is no way in hell they could come up with the terrible ideas they have if a product manager was involved. Product Manager Jobs.

Marketer: spamming a message in random chats doesn't make you a marketer. With that out of the way, let's talk about marketing. You are the one in charge of making your product known. There's not much to it, just keep in mind that the worst the product is, the harder you'll need to work. Marketer Jobs.


How can I get a job in Web3 with no experience?

We are not going to lie, with no experience means you can't get a job. Now if you meant no work experience, then you can get a job, it depends on the role you are looking to apply for.

This is a 3-stage plan we came up with that can apply to most positions you could find in the web3 market

1. Learn about Web3

You live in a generation where knowledge is a few keystrokes away, Google the best teacher. Learn about Web3. The concepts, the news, past events, and new tech. Once you have a grasp of those, learn the skill you want to apply for, and look out for courses about development, marketing, content creation, etc. Once you have a better understanding of those two, let us give you the tip that will land you a job.

2. Provide Value

Courses are nice, yet they are not proof of talent or POT (like POS or POW, crypto joke). What does prove value is applying that acquired knowledge and using it to create. Create things for yourself or others and you will have a much easier entry. Do you wanna be a developer? Create a small dApp, and have projects on your GitHub. Do you want to be a Community Manager? Start talking in the chats about your favorite project, answer questions, and give feedback. Those are two examples, they're thousands more, and millions of ways to contribute. Even if this doesn't give you a job, it will make your next steps easier.

3. Entry Jobs

If you managed to provide value, it is time to start looking for good ol entry jobs. Some people think entry jobs are not because they don't pay as much, or they are not that interesting. Let us not forget something: YOU NEVER HAD A JOB LIKE this BEFORE. Why would you expect millions of dollars? It's an entry job, it's meant to open doors and give you the experience necessary for your next adventure. It might not be as interesting as you expected: welcome to life, not everything is fun. Sometimes you will have to do things you don't like.

Pro Tips

After that rant, let me show you some ways to get "lucky".

Network: networking is king. You can easily find your next gig if the right person likes you (that's how most governments were created). Go to events, talk to people in Discord, and comment on social media. Wear them down, and make them see you as often as you think of playing video games, they need to see you, everyone.

Keep looking / applying: Rejection is scary, we know that. Waiting for the perfect position is something most of us have sinned of. It's better to get rejected than never knowing if you could've gotten it. Don't get me wrong, if you know for a fact you don't have the profile to get the job you shouldn't apply, don't waste recruiters' time. However, if you think you have a chance, even if it's small, you should go for it. Keep visiting cryptojobslist.com to spot your dream job and keep shooting!

Don't lose hope: looking for jobs can be detrimental. The constant anxiety of not getting a reply, or straight up getting rejected hurts. Let me tell you, your dream job is out there. Don't give up, keep trying. I believe in you!


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