Full Stack Web3 Developer

Full Stack Web3 Developer
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👨‍💻Full Stack Web3 Developer |🎓CSE IIITM23 | Tech lead @PolygonGuildLko | alterok at @_buildspace N&W S1 & S3| @developer_dao #1265 | 🏆× 7 Web3 Hackathons

Hey, I am -----. I have been developing EVM-compatible blockchains for around 2 years.I am currently a Polygon Guild Lucknow Tech lead, an active Developer DAO #1265 member & Superteam DAO member. I am also working on scaling and developing my blockchain projects and trying to improve myself every day. I love to build projects and make a change in the world some day. Before getting into blockchain development, I have been a freelance web developer at Upwork, worked on lots of Web2 pro...

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Active 1 year ago
Delhi, India
🗣️English, Hindi
🚀 In crypto since 2019
🌱 Member since April 2023
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