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03 Dec 2019

Why I joined Epicenter

Like many others, I quickly discounted Bitcoin upon hearing about it because I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t figure out why something could be so v …

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29 Nov 2019

How Crypto Jobs List Helped Find a Great Technical Marketing Manager

Hiring is one of the greatest challenges a company faces. Particularly so for companies that work remotely. How can you tell whether a candidate’s cha …

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18 Nov 2019

How I found more than a Job at Web3 Foundation

Ignasi Albero is a designer at Web3. He shares his professional story and journey into crypto…

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09 Oct 2019

This Simple Trick Will Dramatically Improve Your Chances of Getting a Crypto Job

This Simple Trick Will Dramatically Improve Your Chances of Getting a Crypto Job

You’ve got the qualifications. You’ve got the experience. You’ve go …

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06 Oct 2019

Announcing a New Crypto Jobs List Logo

After over a year of research, deep thinking, hard work, trials and experimentation, I’m excited to finally present to you Crypto Jobs List’s new logo …

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17 Jul 2019

Tech and Blockchain meets Human Resources

How to make a transition into Blockchain tech related job

Raman, how come you have spotted the right time and place and created 1 Job Board for Blo …

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23 May 2019

5 Ways Blockchain May Impact The Future Of Employment

With the upcoming Running Remote Conference centering around the future of remote work and the topic of blockchain technology often circulating in and out of the headlines it can become quite a confusion space but what is clear is that innovations are happening in various spaces especially employment. Here are 5 ways blockchain may impact the future of employment.

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26 Dec 2018

How to add Ethereum payments to your site with MetaMask

Quick and easy guide to adding basic ETH payments to your site with Metamask

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07 Sep 2018

How I killed Resume Black Hole

A month before starting Crypto Jobs List, I was applying to all blockchain developer jobs I could find…

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24 Jun 2018

The Cryptocurrency Job Market Is Exploding (Infographic)

Cryptocurrencies have erupted over the last 12 months. Central banks and government have been forced to take note of this emerging asset class.

Regul …

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04 Jun 2018

How to become a Cryptocurrency Trader — an interview with Gyanesh Maheshwar of Cindicator

Today we are going to do a quick interview — a success story of what it is like to be a cryptocurrency trader and, specifically, a trader at Cindicator.

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24 May 2018

How I started a blockchain job board and grew it to a $4,000/month online business [as an indie maker 👨‍💻]

How I started a blockchain job board and grew it to a $4,000/month online business


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26 Apr 2018

Why you should verify the tokens you own: A deep dive into two vulnerable ERC20 contracts

The prices of two crypto tokens — BeautyChain and SmartMesh — dramatically crashed this week. One or more attackers exploited bugs in the their smart contracts and generated huge amounts of tokens out of thin air, massively diluting token supplies. These events could have been easily avoided. In this post, we describe the attacks, illustrate them with Solidity code examples, and argue that these hacks are a wake-up call for token investors and developers to be more cognisant and diligent about smart contract security

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19 Dec 2017

Success story: How Adel hired a Blockchain Marketing Intern with Crypto Jobs List

How Adel successfully hired for it’s blockchain job, Marketing Intern, with Crypto Jobs List, in just under 3 weeks. Read more now!

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28 Nov 2017

Crypto Jobs List acquires Blockchain Job

Exciting news for all interested in opportunities in crypto space and blockchain jobs. Mid-last week,

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17 Nov 2017

Crypto Jobs List Newsletter #4

Hey there,
Thanks for being part of our community. Another good week at Crypto Jobs List!

We kicked off Monday with a meeting with Charlie Lee …

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13 Nov 2017

Our crypto partners & appearances

Woohoo! We think it’s a good time to mention a few good words about our crypto partners and affiliates to whom we ought our current success. 👏 So her …

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06 Nov 2017

Launching our Crypto Jobs Blog

Let it begin
Our blog will be the best blog ever! Where is why:

  • it’ll be nice
  • it’ll …

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