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The average salary is $84,145 per year.
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$XXX,000Product Designer14 hours ago at 6:27 am

🛠️ Skills: UX, UI, HTML, CSS, Figma
🕑 3 years at the company
⏳ 11 years of experience
😎 Self employed
📍 Remote / Remote

$XXX,000Front End Developer16 hours ago at 3:59 am

🛠️ Skills: Javascript, React, nextjs
😎 Self employed
📍 Buenos aires / Remote

$XXX,000Community Manager2 days ago at 3:04 pm

🛠️ Skills: Social media management; engagement.
🕑 2 years at the company
⏳ 2 years of experience
📍 The Hague / Remote

$XXX,000Senior Blockchain Developer3 days ago at 11:29 am

🛠️ Skills: Solidity
📍 Remote / Remote

$XXX,000Owner4 days ago at 7:18 am

🛠️ Skills: Java Skipton Google Chrom
🕑 5 years at the company
😎 Self employed
📍 Bangkok Thailand / Remote
✍️ I am writing android app by taplet

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