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$XXX,000Business Development7 days ago at 4:32 am

📍 virginia beach, virginia / Remote

$XXX,000Project Manager8 days ago at 2:17 pm

🛠️ Skills: DeFi, Staking,
🕑 2 years at the company
⏳ 4 years of experience
📍 Berlin

$XXX,000Analyst8 days ago at 7:27 am

⏳ 4 years of experience
📍 miami / Remote

$XXX,000Blockchain Developer9 days ago at 10:14 pm

😎 Self employed
📍 São Paulo, Brazil / Remote

$XXX,000General Manager of EIU Institution10 days ago at 6:40 am

🛠️ Skills: Google Adwords, Java
🕑 15 years at the company
⏳ 15 years of experience
😎 Self employed
📍 California, USA / Remote
✍️ I demonstrated my strong project-management skills when the project team I led exceeded all expectations when we implemented an outside vendor's system for online scheduling, time/attendance, and payroll. Not only did we crush our two-month deadline, but we also reduced payroll discrepancies, slashed in half the time spent scheduling employees and resolving timesheet-related issues, and cut time spent on reports. The icing on the cake was earning the vendor's Certificate for Management's Commitment for Successful Implementation and Design Contribution to Improve Efficiencies.

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