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The average crypto salary (globally) is $91,460 per year.
Salary estimates are based on anonymous submissions by cryptos, website users just like you and collected from past and present job posts.

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Updated Sep 26, 2022

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$XXX,000Senior Frontend Engineer Salaryan hour ago at 2:58 pm

🛠️ Skills: React. NextJS
⏳ 3 years of experience
🎂 26 yo male
📍 India / Remote Gurgaon, India↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

$XXX,000Senior Solidity Developer Salary4 hours ago at 12:16 pm

🛠️ Skills: solidity
⏳ 3 years of experience
🎂 27 yo null
📍 remote / Remote Essen, Germany↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

$XXX,000Community Moderator Salary5 hours ago at 10:48 am

⏳ 1 years of experience
🎂 24 yo null
📍 Milan, Italy Naples, Italy↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

$XXX,000Product Manager Salary8 hours ago at 8:04 am

🛠️ Skills: Project management, Team Management, digitale marketing
⏳ 4 years of experience
🎂 20 yo male
📍 Mons, Belgium / Remote La Louvière, Belgium↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

$XXX,000Senior Graphic Designer Salary9 hours ago at 7:24 am

⏳ 15 years of experience
🎂 43 yo null
📍 france Chalons-en-Champagne, France↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

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Blockchain Salary

Web3 jobs have seen massive growth recently, and the salaries have followed along with it. A common misconception is the understanding of Web3 itself. In simple terms, Web3 is the new wave of internet services that are more decentralized and often run using cryptocurrencies. Check out our article on what Web3 is and why you should care.

The next common misconception is the type of jobs. Even within the crypto industry, people often assume that all the jobs are technical. Yes, you need to understand the crypto industry if you want to work for a crypto company. But you do not need deep technical knowledge. Most of the jobs are non-technical. Our guide on finding your first crypto job can help you transition into the crypto industry.

Cryptocurrency job salaries could be very attractive for highly skilled people. Especially the developers, as there are very few people in the world who are very skilled and they are sought after. Also, Cryptocurrency salaries are very flexible, and most companies even pay their employees in Crypto.

Since most companies are fully remote, you can stay anywhere and get paid in crypto without friction. Crypto levels the playing field by providing equal opportunity to everyone, and only the skills matter.

Check out the average Web3 Salary above. The salary estimate is based on contributions from real people in the industry. If you are already in the crypto industry, consider contributing to the list. You can also check out the Cryptocurrency salary for different jobs: