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$XXX,000Blockchain engineer20 hours ago at 10:23 pm

🛠️ Skills: Solidity
🕑 3 years at the company
⏳ 6 years of experience
🎂 27 yo female
📍 NYC / Remote

$XXX,000Blockchain Developer2 days ago at 2:08 am

🛠️ Skills: Javascript,nodejs, bitcoin
📍 tokyo

$XXX,000Client Engagement Specialist2 days ago at 3:04 pm

🕑 2 years at the company
⏳ 11 years of experience
🎂 35 yo male
📍 Remote / Remote
✍️ Working at Kraken can be fun the first few months then the realization hits... you are just a cog in the machine. Kraken pays terrible wages, the Vietnam employees make $3/hour, most US and contracted Client Engagement Specialists make $40k per year without bonuses or upward mobility. Kraken is a great resume builder, but it does not pay the bills nor does management care.

$XXX,000Community Engagement Manager4 days ago at 8:19 am

🛠️ Skills: SEO Marketing Content Creation
🕑 1 years at the company
📍 Ireland / Remote

$XXX,000Senior UX/UI Designer5 days ago at 2:00 am

⏳ 8 years of experience
📍 Hong Kong

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