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If you prefer working with a professional recruiter, instead of using our web3 job board, we are here to help! Below the form, we answer most common questions that companies have while working with recruiters. Scroll down to read through them and align your expectations.

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Why use a Web3 Recruiter? Recruiter vs Job Board

Aren't these services competing with each other? I can just use a job board myself, right?

Well, yes and no. Recruiters and Job Boards serve different purposes and a helpful in different situations. For example, you might want to use a job board if you know your exact requirements for a job, it's a relatively popular role or skill, and you'd prefer filtering yourself from a large pull of candidates. Job ads are also a great inexpensive way to "test the waters" on what candidates are "out there", before spending more on recruiters.

However, certain roles are better filled by a professional blockchain headhunter. Here are some reasons you might want to use a headhunter:

  • You are looking for a senior or executive talent that's in high demand and likely to be happily employed elsewhere.
  • You don't want to publicly advertise that you are hiring for a certain role. Some roles are strategic, more sensitive and can reveal your corporate direction when shared publicly. Recruiters can offer a level of confidentiality.
  • You are aiming to replace your existing senior employee or execute, and can't publicly advertise the role. Once again, a recruiter can source a candidate without leaking your trade or strategy secrets.
  • You don't have sufficient amount of time to go through the applications that job boards can offer, and would rather rely on a professional to do that for you and present 3-5 best candidates.
  • You don't have the niche domain area. Recruiters often specialize on a specific skillset and can vet candidates faster. Moreover they can identify rare candidates who might not be great on paper, but show great growth potential and organizational fit. Similarly, they'll see through candidates that are over-selling themselves, yet lack substance.

These are some, but certainly not all reasons to engage a professional blockchain recruitment agency. Whichever your reason is, fill our the form above, and if there is a match.

Fees: How much do recruiters charge?

Typically recruiters charge anywhere from 18 to 30% of an annual gross compensation. And as with most things in life, you "get what you pay for". Recruiters that charge more, typically provide higher quality candidates that better match your role and company culture. When engaging a recruiter, you should be prepared to pay these fees.

Retainer and initiation fees. Are they common? Why should I pay?

Initiation fees and retainers help ensure that the client is serious and committed to a relationship with a recruiter. While choosing between a recruiter that offers only success-based compensation and a recruiter that requires an upfront starting fee or deposit, it's wise to go with the latter. These recruiters waste no time, and will be focused on your role requirements.

How long does it take to find a candidate?

It can take from two weeks to three months, depends on the company and hiring managers within that company. Recruiters typically present first candidates to the client within 1 to 2 weeks depending on the role complexity. Sometimes it can even take a few days, if you are hiring for a more regular, common role. For C-level candidates it typically takes 1-2 weeks.

How many candidates should I expect to receive while working with a web3 recruiter?

You can expect anywhere from 1 (yes, one!) to several candidates being presented to you by a recruiter. Serious employer are typically able to evaluate whether candidate is a good match or not, based on one profile. When you are working with a quality specialized recruiter and you still can't find a match after around 10 candidates, it's likely that the candidate you are looking for is a unicorn โ€” it either exists in your dreams, or you need to nurture a candidate that has potential.

What are the most common problems in a recruitment process?

From recruiter perspective, the most common problem is when the client doesnโ€™t know exactly what they need or have bias in certain areas. Or they are not clear upfront. Another common issue is uncompetitive offer from the company. Great candidates know their worth, and might take much longer to find a candidate who's circumstances allow them to accept below market rate for a certain role.

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