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The goal of the KERNEL fellowship is to strengthen the ecosystem by bringing together 100 highly ambitious people in a private room with top innovators in building the new, open Web. The first KERNEL, Genesis Block, will be comprised of ~100 fellows from around the world. The program runs 8 weeks, with an expected commitment of 10 hrs per week. Successful applicants will be high capacity, extremely likely to succeed in web 3, and fully engaged. The program will include eight modules, including deep dives into the history of blockchains, the Web 3 movement, decentralized finance, community building, and token economics. Twelve classic works in technology, open source software, and finance will be reviewed and discussed.

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Do you want to learn how to become a professional (and well-paid) Web3 / Blockchain developer?

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Get hands-on experience on how to architect, develop, & scale a Web 3.0 app. We don’t just teach you solidity. You get into the serious weeds. How about, breaking public signature cryptography Reverse engineering an unverified smart contract without a decompiler? Advanced testing strategies beyond unit tests?

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Rareskills is the most comprehensive and rigorous web3 blockchain bootcamp around. We are fully remote, cohort based, and instructor lead. Each class has a maximum of 5 students. Our flagship Solidity bootcamp lasts 4 months, but our entire program can go for up to a year.

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Smart Contract Hacking by JohnnyTime


The Smart Contract Hacking course offers over 30 chapters and 50 hands-on exercises, meticulously designed based on real-world scenarios, providing you with a systematic approach to learning and mastering the art of smart contract hacking. Signup using the link above to get $50 off.