About us

Since 2017, our team at CryptoJobsList has been shaping the landscape of Web3 employment by building a dynamic and expansive platform tying Web3 talent to job opportunities in the space.

Founded by Raman Shalupau, our platform is not just a job portal – it's a community, a bridge that connects the brightest minds in the Web3 world with innovative projects that are pushing the boundaries of tech in crypto.

Our vision

We believe that the way to grow decentralized economy is not through pump and dumps and not even through buying and hodling, but through building new businesses, actively contributing to adoption of decentralized technologies and labor. We are doing our part by matching the right talent to right opportunities in this industry and helping it grow.


Raman ShalupauNico Mendoza
Raman ShalupauNico Mendoza
Founder, CEOFull Stack Engineer
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Why work with us?

As one of the oldest and largest job portals in crypto, we've consistently led the way in connecting talent with groundbreaking projects.

Global Reach

Headquartered in the heart of Singapore, our influence spans continents, providing a truly global perspective on the web3 job market.

Crypto Job Fair Hong Kong, 2019Blockchain Career Fair, UC Berkeley, 2019
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Unparalleled Network

With tens of thousands of crypto jobs hosted over the years, including major players like Ethereum Foundation, OKX, Certik, Chainlink, and Consensys, we've curated an unrivaled network of opportunities for Web3 job seekers globally.

Media Recognition

Our impact has been recognized by key voices across the globe, including Forbes, CNBC, CoinDesk, Bitcoin.com, Product Hunt, Hacker News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.

HQ and Locations

Based in the vibrant city-state of Singapore, our headquarters serves as the epicenter of our operations.

Our team’s global presence, however, transcends borders, reflecting the decentralized nature of the technologies we champion.

Crypto Jobs List Team

Our team consists of professionals who share a passion for both crypto and connecting talent with innovation.

Each member brings a unique expertise that contributes to our holistic approach to job placement in the Web3 world.

History of Our Creation

Crypto Jobs List was born out of a vision to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and groundbreaking projects within the crypto space.

Raman Shalupau, our founder, saw the need for a platform that not only listed jobs but also facilitated a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of web3.

Since its inception, our platform has evolved, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the industry.

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Our Partners

We're proud to collaborate with a diverse array of partners who share our passion for innovation and growth.

These partnerships amplify our ability to provide the best opportunities for web3 enthusiasts.

Over the years we have partnered with leading names in the Web3 industry.

Media Mentions

Our impact on the crypto job landscape has garnered attention from top-tier media outlets, reinforcing our position as a trailblazer in the space.

Recognitions from CoinMarketCap, Forbes, CNBC, CoinDesk, Bitcoin.com, Product Hunt, Hacker News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times affirm the value we bring to the industry.

At Crypto Jobs List, we're not just connecting individuals with Web3 jobs – we're connecting the present to the future, empowering both talent and projects to push the boundaries of what's possible in the web3 universe.

Join us in shaping the future of work and decentralized technology.

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