Jr Blockchain Developer ,Social Media Manager, Discord Moderator

Jr Blockchain Developer ,Social Media Manager, Discord Moderator
Web3 Talent


A results oriented young man who puts excellence at the forefront of every task assigned and is taken to detail and accuracy. With a very high level of efficiency and reliability there is a profound sense or desire to deliver and help others develop themselves in a manner so as to be able to achieve something without having to rely on others. In terms of relations, is very open to new experiences and coordinates all aspects of a challenge well enough to create a changing environment for others to work in. While living outside work, there is a need to share with family and friends and value is placed on everything and everyone who is likely...

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Active 10 months ago
🗣️French, English
🚀 In crypto since 2016
🌱 Member since February 2022
Accepts Crypto
Accepts Fiat
Open to Relocation
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Three Python programmers walk into a bar. The bartender asks "do you all want a beer?" The first one says "yes, please". The second one raises a NoBeerWantedException. The bartender fails to handle the exception and spills beer all over the place, but nobody seems to mind.


May 05, 2022

Receptionist at Marriot Accor Hotels

----- ----- ----- is a talented and dedicated young man who puts in excellence at all task assign to...see more.

Member since February 2022