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Community Moderator
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With over three years of experience in community moderation and trading, my story is all about a deep love for cryptocurrency and the art of effective communication.

What makes me great as a community moderator and trader:

  1. Knowledge: I've got a wealth of information and insights on everything from crypto to trading strategies.

  2. Availability: I'm here around the clock, so I can assist whenever you need help.

  3. Impartiality: I don't have personal biases, so you can count on unbiased advice.

  4. Adaptability: I'm flexible and can easily adapt to different community rules.

  5. Efficiency: I can handle multiple tasks at once, making me a...

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Active 10 months ago
Karachi, Pakistan
🗣️English, Urdu
🚀 In crypto since 2019
🌱 Member since June 2022
Accepts Crypto
Open to Full-time
Open to Part-time
Open to Relocation
Accepts Fiat

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Why did the cryptocurrency break up with the fiat currency? Because it found someone more stable!


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Member since June 2022