Affiliate Program

Participate in the Crypto Jobs List referral program
and earn 20% on each job post sale.

You will receive an email after earning your first commission. After that, you can set up your preferred payback method (PayPal, ETH or BTC).

Terms and Conditions

  • All payouts are subject to review.
  • Payouts take 30 to 60 days to process.
  • The intention of this program is to reward Crypto Jobs List community members that wish to genuinely promote the platform and be rewarded for their efforts. Any affiliate traffic or conversions that are not performed in the spirit of this program might not be rewarded.
  • Affiliate links generated for the sole purpose of performing a single or multiple transactions for personal gain, will not be rewarded.
  • Any attempts to "game" this program (or suspicions of such attempts) will not be rewarded.
  • These terms are subject to periodic review and might be updated at any time.