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Bitcoin Enhanced is a crypto-currency that enhances the value of Bitcoin by forecasting when its price is likely to fall. If you believe in Bitcoin then Bitcoin Enhanced offers you the possibility of significantly better returns.

The coin tracks the price of Bitcoin except when it forecasts the price is likely to fall. If the forecast is correct and the price of Bitcoin falls, the price of Bitcoin Enhanced coins goes up by the corresponding amount. At the end of the forecast period Bitcoin Enhanced again tracks the percentage price changes in Bitcoin, but now with a multiplier based on the successful/non-successful outcome of the forecast.

In other words Bitcoin Enhanced uses the volatility of Bitcoin to improve prices.
Because of Bitcoin’s rapid growth the compounding effect of successful forecasts is staggering. For example on 13th September 2013 $5.93 would have bought you one Bitcoin. By 14th February 2018 the value of your coin had risen to $9,071, an average annual increase of 237%. Not a bad investment. However during the same period the value of a Bitcoin Enhanced coin would have risen to $136,741, an average annual increase of 21,265%. In this simulation Bitcoin Enhanced improved the value of Bitcoin by a multiple of 15.

Because Bitcoin Enhanced is essentially a derivative of Bitcoin, there will be no ICO or Air Drop or other mechanism that could dilute the coin’s value. From day one we are committed to provide full value to holders of the coin.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Enhanced is decentralised and open sourced. There is no corporate structure, CEO or VC funds. As the community grows it will take over the running of the coin.

99% of revenue from the sale of the coins is invested into humanitarian projects that, like Bitcoin, have the potential to make a profound impact on the wellbeing of humanity and the planet.

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