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Blackmoon is part of the Blackmoon Financial Group, a financial technology company incorporated in Ireland with a solid track record since 2014. We bring investment transparency, globalization, and decentralization to the next level by implementing blockchain technology – all with a commitment to sustainable continuous development in cooperation with financial regulators.
We combine our ready-to-use technologies with our deep expertise in structuring investment funds both internally and through our partnerships with external investment teams. Working closely with the best investment managers, lawyers, and financial authorities, we are creating a solid bridge between the blockchain universe and the classic investment world by providing a transparent and legally compliant framework for tokenized fund structuring and operation.
We are helping to expand the boundaries of investment possibilities and to encourage regulators to recognize blockchain tools as the new reality in classic financial markets. Ultimately, Blackmoon aims to set the benchmark for tokenized investment funds and vehicles that invest in
traditional investment instruments as well as in emerging distributed economy opportunities.
We offer an opportunity of tremendous professional growth and career turbo-boosters, albeit with an initially steep learning curve. You are guaranteed to learn and be educated in an exciting field of knowledge. Importantly, you will also obtain the opportunity to have a hand on the steering wheel working in an international company with physical offices and teams currently in Moscow and Limassol

Blackmoon is hiring - See 1 Blackmoon jobs. Blackmoon Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. YouTube broadcaster and more...

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