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About Clearmatics:

At Clearmatics, we are tackling the hard problems in the Blockchain space.

The team is working in an area of rapid innovation and has a strong Open Source ethos. We have implemented a thoroughly researched privacy solution involving Stealth Addresses and Ring Signatures and are currently working on how to interoperate Ethereum based chains without an intermediary.

Other areas of current research include zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets), protocol design (e.g. proof relays/pegs), formally verified smart contracts, and type-safe and performant distributed virtual machine architectures.

Things we value:

How we work:

We share a belief that Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt well-established industries, reduce corruption and automate many cost-intensive processes. We realise though, that the industry is still young and that there are many hard problems to solve. This element of the unknown fuels the Engineering team at Clearmatics.

Clearmatics is hiring - See 2 Clearmatics jobs. Clearmatics Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Front-End Blockchain Developer, Senior Blockchain Engineer and more...

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