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Weโ€™re a venture-backed blockchain company lead by blockchain and hardware veterans working on two product lines that include a software wallet and a cutting-edge hardware wallet.
Think of the software wallet as a super user-friendly wallet for daily use, and the hardware is a truly secure way to store your valuable cryptocurrencies, with safety well beyond what you can find in software wallets found on phones, or Mac/PC.

Weโ€™re setting a new standard of user-friendly and secure technologies for owning and using cryptocurrencies, and from day one have global ambitions in mind.

We want to make it easier to own and use cryptocurrencies.

The early core team hails from F2pool, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, 360, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Cobo is hiring - See 1 Cobo jobs. Cobo Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Growth Hacker / Content Manager / Community Manager and more...

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