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Cypher is a portal into the blockchain universe. Our platform serves as a mesh to PoS chains through solutions such as a wallet, validator bonding, yield multiplier, and community tools. Our vision is a world where all blockchains are unified under one platform, acting as the gateway into web3 - this is made possible through interoperability. We are poised to marry crypto-economic solutions and mechanisms under one roof, forging a platform to be adopted by the masses for its ease-of-use and innovation.

We’re a leading blockchain company recruiting a driven and dedicated Lead Engineer. If you thrive in a fast-paced, self-directed environment, we would love for you to join the team.

Who we are:

We’re building Cypher to enable web3 users to foster higher engagement within blockchain’s ecosystem. Vertically integrated solutions forged with ease-of-use allow any skill level – technical or non-technical – to interact with web3 tools and solutions in a comprehensive, innovative environment.

We are passionate, blockchain enthusiasts, excited to accelerate the decentralized future with the ecosystem platform it needs.

Our Beliefs:

Everyone at Cypher feels there MUST be a better connective tissue for the blockchain community - we’re absolutely tired of siloed solutions. Our culture values transparency, candor, and individual growth.

We strongly believe in and adhere to our values, which include flexibility, open source innovation, and respect. We provide the kind of team commitment and support that only small, agile startups can for engineers who want to work in an environment that is smart, scrappy and values tenacity.

Cypher is hiring - See 1 Cypher jobs. Cypher Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack (Founding) and more...

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