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About Eximchain
Founded in 2015 at the globally renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Eximchain is a blockchain-enabled infrastructure provider focused on supply chain management. From supplier credit to inventory management, Eximchain helps businesses connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely. Eximchain’s mission is to provide a blockchain-enabled protocol to transform the global supply chain industry by integrating SMEs and increasing transparency.

Eximchain is the first company in the blockchain space to implement a combination of Quadratic Voting and Ethereum-based smart contract to govern the ecosystem. The Eximchain protocol, secured by this governance system, empowers SME buyers and suppliers to create supply chain optimisation tools and gain access to affordable credit.

Applications powered by Eximchain use state-of-the-art blockchain technology to ensure accuracy, transparency, and security. They are designed to break down barriers and integrate actors big and small into an inclusive, transparent, and secure global network.

Applications powered by Eximchain streamline processes in areas such as:
Sourcing: Eximchain securely records historical data and transactions allowing suppliers to prove their reliability to buyers and rating institutions.
Supply Chain Finance: Eximchain Smart Contracts allow financiers to verify the validity of orders placed with all upstream partners and suppliers and provide the necessary financing.
Inventory Management: Eximchain enables partners to share demand and inventory information across a common ledger seamlessly.

Our milestones achieved:

In Feb 2018, Eximchain CEO Hope Liu was named by Forbes as one of the Five Female Rock Stars Leading the Crypto Scene in 2018.

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