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Kleros is an Ethereum autonomous organization that works as a decentralized third party to arbitrate disputes in every kind of contract. The dispute process and its results are enforced through smart contracts. It relies on game theoretic incentives to have jurors rule cases correctly. The result is a dispute resolution system that renders ultimate judgements enforced by smart contracts in a fast, inexpensive, secure and decentralized way.
You can see an overview of the project by taking a look at our landing page, Devcon3 presentation and short white paper. For a more detailed presentation of the project you can also look at our medium posts.

We are working as a decentralized team.
The β€œequity” displays correspond to tokens.

Join us to build the crowdsourced dispute resolution system of the Internet age!

Kleros is hiring - See 3 Kleros jobs. Kleros Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Virtual Office Manager, DApp Fullstack Developer and more...

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