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Nomisma is a startup firm that aims to decentralize finance; founded and run by a multifamily office business CIO / macro hedge fund manager / ex Goldman Sachs partner, a young tech entrepreneur from HKUST, and two tenured, chaired Harvard professors.
We’re post Series A with an Alpha product, and at the cusp of dynamic, exponential growth.

Mission and Charge

We envision a world where everyone has access to transparent, trustless, robust financial infrastructure. Where accountability of financial institutions is in the hands of common citizens, globally, and this trustless foundation is intrinsic to the system.

We enable risk customization, interest, borrowing/lending, leverage, and the creation of safe assets for the cryptocurrency universe. Our protocol is based on peer-reviewed financial engineering, built on decentralized infrastructure where every step is transparent, trustless, and regulatory compliant. No margin calls. No counter party risk. No liquidation. You never need to trust the system (or anyone in it) with ownership of your assets. We deeply believe this will create a new, more inclusive financial system world-wide, unlocking and delivering novel sources of value to all users.

Nomisma is hiring - See 7 Nomisma jobs. Nomisma Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Retail Finance Product Manager, Technical Project Manager and more...

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