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Shitcoin Survivors
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Shitcoin Survivor is a fun, fast-paced, crypto-themed card game you can play with your friends and family. The game is designed for people who have a love-hate relationship with the crypto space, especially shitcoins. So whether you have been rekted by the 2018 bear market, made tons of money shorting XBT on BitMex, or still holding big bags waiting to moon (because it’s only paper loss until you sell it, right?), this is the game for you!

Our team is made of of dedicated, talented individuals who happen to also be hard-core cryptocurrency enthusiasts. By bringing this board game to live, together we are disrupting gaming industry with cryptocurrencies in the way that has never been done before!

Shitcoin Survivors is hiring - See 1 Shitcoin Survivors jobs. Shitcoin Survivors Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Community Manager and more...

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