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Not recently active | 1780-555 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, BC | On-site Only

Who we are:

We are Symetria, a centralized crypto-to-crypto wallet & exchange provider that uses Personal Blockchains (our tech) to form private blockchains between us and each of our users. What this does is provide immutable proof for every action taken on our site, enabling us to offer the fairness of a decentralized process while maintaining the speed and privacy of a centralized exchange.

We’re a funded startup, nearing the initial launch of our MVP.

Where we are:

We have a clean codebase relying on Microsoft technologies. We’ve been using C# 7.3 to build out .NET Standard 2.0 libraries to support an ASP.NET Core 2.0 website and some other back-end services hosted on Azure or in Docker containers. Of course, our web front-end is HTML/CSS/Javascript, and we’re relatively lightweight in terms of framework dependencies.

We have a beautiful and intuitive user experience created by our incredibly talented in-house design director.

Throughout development, we’ve come up with so many fantastic ideas for features and future plans, and we need to build out the right team to get great things done.

Symetria is hiring - See 2 Symetria jobs. Symetria Blockchain and Cryptocurrency company. Software Engineer Technical Lead, Blockchain Content Writer and more...

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