Top 10 Blockchain Recruitment Agencies

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Money is being invested in blockchain projects and companies globally to facilitate their growth and expansion. However, a critical component of this growth is securing the right talent. Despite the abundance of Web3 jobs posted on crypto job boards each month, there can be challenges in attracting suitable candidates. Web3 companies have recognized that certain job roles require a specific set of qualifications that may not always be readily available.

Even with a high volume of applications, recruiters may find that candidates:

  • Lack long-term cultural alignment
  • Have insufficient experience
  • Are not well-versed in Web3 or cryptocurrency
  • Are applying for unsuitable positions
  • Lack proven leadership skills
  • Demonstrate reluctance to learn and develop
  • Lack clarity on their motivation to join the company
  • Ultimately do not meet the requirements of the open position

This realization has led blockchain companies and their in-house recruiters to seek additional assistance in identifying and securing the right talent for crucial roles. As a consequence, the demand for talent in specialized sectors like Web3 has spurred the emergence of numerous blockchain recruitment agencies aimed at addressing this challenge.

What are blockchain recruitment agencies?

Blockchain recruitment agencies serve as specialized counterparts to traditional recruitment firms, focusing exclusively on filling positions within the blockchain industry. Given the limited talent pool in blockchain, these specialized Web3 recruiters act as intermediaries connecting organizations with skilled professionals in the industry.

Furthermore, blockchain recruitment specialists excel in networking, identifying, training, and maintaining a pool of talented individuals ready to meet any organization's needs. Whether sourcing blockchain developers, engineers, or recruiting executives with extensive industry expertise, these agencies play a crucial role in shaping the decentralized technology workforce. They set themselves apart by readily engaging with highly skilled blockchain professionals, swiftly matching them with suitable roles within companies to ensure continuous progress.

In summary, here are the key benefits that a blockchain recruitment agency offers:

  • Access to specialized and rare talent pools
  • Adherence to confidentiality for senior roles
  • Reduction in hiring time and resource savings
  • Expertise in the Web3 domain
  • Ability to assess candidates for various Web3 technical and non-technical roles
  • Comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape

Moving forward, let's explore some of the top blockchain recruitment agencies that excel in providing these services. This curated list will assist you in selecting the most suitable agency for your hiring needs through crypto recruiters.

Top 10 Blockchain Recruitment Agencies

1. Blockchain Headhunter


Blockchain Headhunter is an executive talent search and recruitment agency specializing in sourcing top-tier talent for Web3, cryptocurrency, and blockchain companies that are seeking to expand their teams and drive growth.

Established in 2017 by Michael Shlayen, a prominent blockchain and crypto headhunter, the recruitment agency has a proven track record of successfully placing over 250 professionals across 75 clients standing out as a trusted partner in the industry.

Here’s what Blockchain Headhunter’s range of services include:

  • Executive search services catering to senior, VP, and CxO level positions crucial for organizational leadership
  • Tech-centric Web3 recruitment targeting roles such as blockchain developers, smart contract developers, head of engineering, solution architects, cryptographers, and software engineers
  • Non-technical and mid-level Web3 recruitment covering functions like marketing, product management, finance, legal affairs, and operations
  • Complimentary job ad placement within their extensive crypto talent community (Telegram: 7,000+ members, Twitter: 20,000+ members) to promote open positions and attract qualified applicants
  • Resume submission feature enabling talent to be automatically matched with relevant opportunities
  • Posting of mid-level to senior job openings on their platform for interested candidates to apply

The recruitment services provided by Blockchain Headhunter are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Their commitment to delivering high-quality placements is evident through their experienced team of Web3 headhunters boasting over 15 years of recruitment expertise, with 7 years dedicated specifically to the blockchain sector. This depth of knowledge equips them with a deep understanding of the unique demands within the industry.

For Web3 companies interested in leveraging Blockchain Headhunter's services, they can initiate discussions on hiring requirements, budget considerations, and expectations by scheduling a consultation through the agency's contact page.

2. CryptoRecruit


Crypto Recruit, also founded in 2017, stands as a major talent acquisition agency specializing in the Web3 and blockchain sectors. Their team of blockchain recruiters, hailing from diverse global backgrounds, possess expertise across various Web3 domains such as DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, ZKRollups, and prominent L1 and L2 solutions like Ethereum and Solana. Led by Neil Dundon, the agency's collective recruitment experience of over 30 years underscores their credibility and reliability within the industry.

Here’s what Crypto Recruit’s range of services include:

  • Specialized blockchain talent acquisition spanning executive management, software development, cloud and IT services, business development, sales, customer service, finance and accounting, marketing, and human resources
  • Curated job listings primarily targeting mid-level to senior positions
  • Candidate marketplace for client perusal and selection
  • Provision of interview preparation certification for individuals seeking to enhance their Web3 knowledge within a condensed time frame of under one month
  • Job advertisement placements across their social media platforms (LinkedIn: 48,000+ followers, Twitter: 1,700+) to attract qualified applicants

While Crypto Recruit's website effectively serves as a platform for blockchain recruitment, job listings, and candidate interactions, the absence of specific success metrics may leave room for further enhancement in showcasing their achievements.

3. Proof of Talent


Proof of Talent is a specialized Web3 recruitment agency dedicated to connecting top talent with optimal opportunities for maximum impact. Established in 2019 by Rob Paone, the US-based Web3 recruitment firm assists rapidly expanding teams by assuming the primary responsibility for filling critical positions, allowing organizations to focus on other strategic priorities.

Noteworthy is their commitment to swift recruitment processes, boasting a remarkable track record of filling client company positions in under 30 days with an impressive 97% retention rate. Furthermore, in the event a position remains unfilled, no payment is required, solidifying Proof of Talent's reputation as a preferred choice among blockchain and Web3 employers.

Here’s what Proof of Talent’s range of services include:

  • Executive and senior-level headhunting services extending beyond conventional candidate listings, leveraging an extensive network to fulfill Web3 roles
  • Technical career blockchain recruitment covering positions such as CTOs, engineering leadership, software engineers, Solidity developers, backend and frontend developers, full-stack engineers, and DevOps specialists
  • Non-technical blockchain recruitment consisting of C-suite and executive leadership roles, product management, business development and sales, legal and compliance, finance, marketing, and operations
  • Resume submission feature for crypto job seekers seeking new opportunities
  • Regular posting of new job openings across their social media platforms (Twitter: 9,000+ followers, LinkedIn: 7,000+)

The recruitment process at Proof of Talent typically involves initial consultation to tailor a recruitment strategy, candidate sourcing, screening and selection procedures, finally leading to placement and post-placement follow-up. Through these comprehensive services, Proof of Talent effectively supports both talent and companies navigating the broad landscape of the fast evolving blockchain industry.

4. Hype


Founded in Berlin in 2017, Hype Talent stands as a full service Web3 global talent agency, renowned for its ability to source top-tier talent for Web3 organizations, provide strategic guidance on fostering people-centric workplace cultures, and offer expertise in implementing HR processes for sustained success.

The agency has worked with and been recommended by senior professionals at companies like Polygon, Biconomy, Boba, BNB Chain, Trust Wallet, KuCoin and more.

Here’s what Hype’s range of services include:

  • Web3 talent acquisition spanning technical and non-technical roles sourced from a network of 175 experts across over 30 countries.
  • Consultation on team architecture to optimize organizational structure and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Design of HR processes tailored for long-term talent retention and organizational growth.
  • Development of culture-building strategies aimed at fostering loyalty, productivity, and maximizing profitability

Hype Talent sets itself apart from its competitors through its special service offerings. While the website lacks a dedicated section for job seekers to upload resumes and express interest in future opportunities matching their skill sets, this absence allows the team to focus on conducting fresh and executive talent searches with each new engagement, ensuring a tailored approach to every recruitment endeavor.

5. Global CxO


Global CxO is a Singapore-based specialized talent search agency and leadership advisory service, focusing on blockchain and emerging technologies. Founded in 2012 by Juliet Kasko, an accomplished executive recruiter and career coach for executives and startup founders, Global CxO has earned a strong reputation in the APAC region and globally for its bespoke solutions and executive talent provision services.

Here’s what Global CxO’s range of services include:

  • Executive recruitment and global talent search services tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations
  • Leadership and career coaching services designed for executives and startup founders seeking professional development and growth opportunities

Global CxO boasts a successful history of conducting international searches, with a track record of placing executives in medium to large blockchain companies who have gone on to demonstrate long-term commitment to their employers. This achievement is attributed to the meticulous alignment of candidate qualifications, company culture, and business objectives, ensuring a match that fosters sustained success for both parties involved.


Spectrum Search is a notable blockchain recruitment agency dedicated to facilitating connections between top-tier talent and emerging blockchain and decentralized technology firms. Established in 2018 by Craig Oliver, the agency operates with a vision that extends beyond mere placement, focusing on the strategic identification of opportunities to cultivate growth-oriented teams that not only benefit individual companies but also contribute to the broader blockchain landscape.

Here’s what Spectrum Search’s range of services include:

  • Spectrum Executive: Executive search and headhunting for high-level positions
  • Spectrum Hire: Individual vacancies and contract recruitment
  • Spectrum Project: High-volume recruitment for team hires
  • Spectrum Partner: Monthly flat fee package addressing all recruitment needs

Their recruitment expertise spans across technical roles such as engineering, architecture, infrastructure, and audit, as well as non-technical roles like design, product and project management, marketing, community and growth, sales and business development, finance, and regulation and compliance. Spectrum Search specializes in recruiting for various Web3 sectors including gaming, DeFi, cryptocurrency, blockchain infrastructure, Layer 1 blockchains, NFTs, metaverse, and more.

In the past they have collaborated with clients like Binance, Hedera, Seedify, Boson Protocol, Venus Protocol, and NBA, Spectrum Search. In addition, they actively engage with the Web3 community through initiatives like podcast interviews with industry experts and sharing pivotal industry updates, making evident their commitment to fostering a connected and informed blockchain ecosystem.

7. Priority Crypto


Priority Crypto, a blockchain recruitment agency established by Anders Christiansen in 2019 and led by Daniel Franklin, operates as a specialized division of Priority Recruitment, founded in 2012 with a broader recruitment scope. This crypto-focused branch conducts global headhunting in close collaboration with client blockchain companies to identify and place exceptional Web3 talent. The team comprises seasoned crypto recruiters and researchers with a profound understanding of the requisite skills and mindset for success within blockchain technology firms.

Here’s what Priority Crypto’s range of services include:

  • Tailored recruitment solutions emphasizing quality over quantity
  • Executive search services for pivotal senior-level positions
  • Advisory and consultancy services tailored to assist Web3 companies in navigating the evolving landscape effectively
  • A dynamic job board featuring a diverse array of tech and non-tech Web3 roles available with client organizations, ranging from marketing executives and product designers to Rust engineers, CEOs, heads of engineering, senior full-stack engineers, and more

Having collaborated with entities like (KASTA), a crypto wallet and P2P platform, Priority Crypto has successfully filled numerous roles spanning marketing, development, and compliance for their clients. Leveraging their extensive resources and industry acumen, the agency excels in facilitating strategic matches between skilled professionals and forward-thinking organizations on a global scale.

8. Plexus


Founded in 2017 by Zeth Couceiro and Shaun Potts, Plexus has evolved from a five-person team to a forty-person team spread across Miami and London, united by a singular mission: to drive the growth of Web3 by identifying and placing exceptional talent.

Their operational approach is characterized by efficiency and clarity, employing a structured two-week sprint model when engaging with companies. The initial week focuses on presenting five top resumes for a position, aiming to narrow down to three finalists, while the subsequent week is dedicated to conducting initial interviews and finalizing offers.

Here’s what Plexus RS’ range of services include:

  • Contingent package tailored for early-stage hires and permanent/contract roles, with payment contingent upon the candidate's commencement
  • Retained package designed for rapid scaling, long-term growth strategies, and permanent positions, involving an upfront fee to access Plexus' full recruitment capabilities
  • Subscription service ideal for permanent hires at early-stage startups or in the absence of an internal recruitment team, providing access to hiring strategies, job description crafting, cultural refinement, applicant tracking system management, and ongoing recruitment through a monthly subscription
  • Headhunting services covering a spectrum of blockchain and crypto roles such as smart contract engineers, marketing leads, CMOs, senior blockchain engineers, solidity engineers, and more. These roles are also featured on their exclusive job board reserved for their client base

With a substantial social media presence boasting over 164,000 followers on LinkedIn, Plexus has established partnerships with prominent entities in the Web3 landscape including Tezos, Boson Protocol, Filecoin Foundation, Delphi Labs, P2P, XBTO, and other industry leaders.

9. The Crypto Recruiters


The Crypto Recruiters is a leading blockchain recruitment agency founded in 2020 by Emily Landon, a visionary leader in the industry. Since its inception, Emily's agency has successfully facilitated over 300 placements within web3 and blockchain companies. Noteworthy clients include CoinTelegraph, Metamask, and CEX, where The Crypto Recruiters has effectively matched candidates with open positions.

Here’s what The Crypto Recruiters' range of services includes:

  • Tailored web3 recruitment solutions encompassing candidate sourcing, screening, evaluation, interview coordination, and offer management
  • Expertise in filling both technical and non-technical web3 roles such as senior software engineers, smart contract developers, Solidity engineers, founding UI engineers, heads of marketing, and more
  • HR consulting services to assist companies in establishing processes, crafting job descriptions and policies, ensuring compliance, conducting organizational audits, and more
  • A robust candidate pool exceeding 150,000 individuals ready for client presentation
  • Exclusive career accelerator program catering to senior directors, VPs, and C-Suite professionals
  • An open job roles section featuring an array of active positions from clients
  • A thriving social media community (46,000+ followers LinkedIn, 1500+ members on Discord)

With a steadfast commitment to understanding each client's unique culture, vision, and talent requirements, The Crypto Recruiters aims to be a premier recruitment partner facilitating successful placements within the dynamic realm of Web3 and emerging technologies.

10. RecruitBlock


Founded in 2018 to capitalize on the transformative potential of blockchain technology, RecruitBlock was established by Paul Owen, a seasoned recruiter with over two decades of experience in scaling startups and nurturing talent within rapidly expanding companies. With an enthusiasm for crypto and Web3 technologies, the agency actively participates in the blockchain community through event engagement and meetup hosting. Their past clientele includes industry giants like Binance, Gnosis, OKX, Cere Network, and more.

Here’s what RecruitBlock’s range of service include:

  • Blockchain Recruitment Contingent for swift hiring requirements
  • Blockchain Recruitment Retained for comprehensive hiring solutions, incorporating salary benchmarking, psychometrics, and market analysis
  • Blockchain Recruitment Executive Search package tailored for identifying key executives for leadership roles
  • End-to-end hiring support spanning requirement comprehension, candidate sourcing, screening and selection, and offer management
  • A dedicated job board for clients to showcase their open positions
  • Diverse job opportunities across technical and non-technical functions

Backed by a specialized team of blockchain recruiters, RecruitBlock delivers a personalized recruitment approach, facilitating access to top-tier talent that seamlessly aligns with clients' specific needs and organizational ethos.


What are the most common problems in the recruitment process?

From a recruiter perspective, the most common problem is when the client doesn’t know exactly what they need or has bias in certain areas. Or they are not clear upfront. Another common issue is uncompetitive offers from the company. Great candidates know their worth, and might take much longer to find a candidate whose circumstances allow them to accept below market rate for a certain role.

How much fees do recruiters charge?

Recruiters typically charge anywhere from 18 to 30% of an annual gross compensation. And as with most things in life, you "get what you pay for". Recruiters that charge more, typically provide higher quality candidates that better match your role and company culture. When engaging a recruiter, you should be prepared to pay these fees.

Why should I pay retainer and initiation fees?

Initiation fees and retainers help ensure that the client is serious and committed to a relationship with a recruiter. While choosing between a recruiter that offers only success-based compensation and a recruiter that requires an upfront starting fee or deposit, it's wise to go with the latter. These recruiters waste no time, and will be focused on your role requirements.

How long does it take to find a candidate?

It can take from two weeks to three months, depending on the company and hiring managers within that company. Recruiters typically present first candidates to the client within 1 to 2 weeks depending on the role complexity. Sometimes it can even take a few days, if you are hiring for a more regular, common role. For C-level candidates it typically takes 1-2 weeks.

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