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Bubblemaps offers a clear, visual way to understand blockchain activity by showing wallets as bubbles. This simple approach makes it easier to spot on-chain movements, keep an eye on suspicious funds, identify fake tokens, and increase overall transparency in the blockchain space.

Our tool has become essential for many, known for its ability to uncover problematic governance, scams, and NFT wash trading, to name a few issues. Some of our notable investigations have sent ripples across the industry: UNI, GALA, DYDX

We support a range of blockchains, including Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, making Bubblemaps accessible to a wide audience. This September, we were excited to announce a fundraising round of 3 million euros, aiming to boost our growth and solidify our position as a European leader in combating cryptocurrency-related fraud and financial crimes.

Join us and become the sleuth that navigates through the vast sea of on-chain data, guiding our readers to the stories that matter!

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