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Lume Web is the web3 hub that aims to bring decentralized technologies to the mainstream. We believe in creating a censorship-free internet that prioritizes privacy, data ownership, and accessibility. As web3 evolves, Lume Web will be at the forefront, providing a gateway and onboarding guide to this next evolution of the web.

If AOL was web 1, and Google was web 2... then Lume Web would be known as web3.

At Lume Web, we define web3 as the combination of the decentralized web (dWeb) (think BitTorrent, Tor, Scuttlebutt) and blockchain-based economies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avax, Algorand, Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos). While some other projects may use their own definitions of web3, we believe that dWeb and economy are central to this new era of the internet. Web3 is about accessing the web first, freely.

We are funded via FOSS/grants, not VC, and are trying to ensure that what we build is owned by the community, the users.

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