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Stakin logo is a leading European staking service provider with operations on 40+ blockchain networks, 47,000+ delegators, and $1b+ in assets under delegation. We empower the next generation of blockchain protocols that are more efficient, sustainable, democratic, and scalable.

Thanks to our expertise and infrastructure, we enable Proof-of-Stake digital asset holders to earn interests on their holdings, and take part in decentralized governance, in a strictly non-custodial manner.

Our contribution to blockchain and communities reaches far beyond simple secure validation. Deeply invested in each of the protocols where we operate, we strive to make positive contributions through marketing, education, and product development.

This positive contribution mindset has led Stakin to take part in multiple Testnets, helping to stress-test and debug the next generation of blockchain protocols before they come to market. The company also frequently publishes articles and guides on its own blog and dedicated media channels. The team is also able to build tools, custom APIs and dashboards to cater to the needs of institutional customers.

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