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Do you have what it takes to help take a cutting-edge, GameFI MetaVerse project to the next level?

We are a one of a kind Virtual Land Game (GameFI MetaVerse) where NFT Virtual Land is mapped to real countries, states and cities COMBINED with its own $ULAND currency token to create an insulated, organic and secure economy where Ulanders (our users) can trade, play and earn.

Presently, we have a web-based gaming platform allowing our users via NFTs to own the initial 'game pieces' whilst earning rewards, bringing fun, utility and ownership to the upcoming fully-fledged game; a Land Acquisition, Resource, Trading & Constructing RTS/idle-style game, Think Civilization, Catan, SimCity, Age Of Empires.

At ULAND we believe great things are accomplished only with a great team, and an emphasis on quality in all factors is key to success.

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