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Unloc is all about unleashing the full potential of NFTs. We want to become a one-stop shop where users can put their NFTs to work while retaining ownership. We plan on continuously exploring new ways to earn or gain liquidity thanks to owning NFTs.


At the moment, our product allows you to gain temporary liquidity by using your NFT as collateral to borrow against. NFT owners create p2p offers that can be accepted by anyone who wants to earn interest on their assets (SOL or USDC). Repaying the borrowed amount with agreed interest in time unlocks the NFT for the original owner. In case of a repayment failure, the other party gains the right to the NFT.


Our story, of course, doesn’t end there. Our product is evolving as we speak and that won’t stop. Renting, licensing and instant access to liquidity are all things that we are already exploring. Expect many more features to be added soon, and while you wait for those, feel free to follow our progress on our social platforms!

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