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Hi there! 👋
Raman here, founder of Crypto Jobs List.
I’m the one-man team working on this, and NO, i’m not a huge soul-less corporation who’s selling your data.

Back in August 2017, after all my startups failed, I was running out of cash and had to start looking for a job. Being a software engineer, who turned entrepreneur, it’s a pretty devastating thing to be looking for a job again. So i thought, if i’m to find work for someone, I better be working on an exciting new technology and a meaningful cause. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain was it for me.

I started searching for crypto jobs, but finding them was a total pain. They were hidden on corporate sites, and traditional job boards had a complete, unfiltered mess.
I thought that putting togetather a simple list with all positions in crypto might be useful for other people like me and I quickly launched the site. I actually did not think anyone would care and it’ll die after a week… But I was wrong! Hundreeds of people and organizations flocked to the site wondering about latest opportunities in the space and advertising their own.

Since launch Crypto Jobs List helped hundreeds of top blockchain and cryptocurrency companies find great talent and connected people like you with fantastic opportunities.

If the site been helpful for you, please donate — this will help me support it further and help more people just like you get into crypto space.

Thank you!