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Qredo technology enables wireless operators and communication service providers to be competitive in the fast-growing USD 6 Trillion mobile digital payments market.

Qredo is a founding member of the Global Telecom Inter-Payments Alliance (“GTiP”), a trade group of telecoms and direct carrier billing vendors whose mission is to create an interoperable direct carrier billing network.

Qredo is the initial and ongoing contributor of the GTiP cryptocurrency (“GTiPs”) and its related open source projects. GTiP’s cryptocurrency foundations include a groundbreaking consensus protocol, Proof of Speed™, and fast post-quantum secure cryptography designed for embedded and constrained device environments.

Qredo has been developing crypto software for several years, the founders have many years of experience supplying to telecommunications companies and have successfully exited several previous businesses. Qredo has secured its initial round of funding and has already attracted a great deal of interest with some major telcos. The is an exciting opportunity to take the latest research in cryptography into the real world and to get in on the ground floor of major new initiative.

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