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Account Executive

POSTED Jan 05, 2019

RemoteRemote • Contractor

Crypto Rev, BlackTurtle
Crypto Rev Jan 05, 2019
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at BlackTurtle

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While the vast majority of the cryptocurrency industry has been both chaos and turmoil in 2018, there is a hidden gem which has bucked the bearish trend. The project is Turtle Network (part of BlackTurtle), which forged its first ever block in April ’18 and managed to increase its market cap substantially and perform over one million transactions in under 8 months.

Here are some current facts about BlackTurtle;

  1. Over 30 independently run nodes support the Turtle Network security across 13 countries worldwide.
  2. Turtle Network is based on a tech stack called scorex (funded by IOHK).
  3. Turtle Network is the first successful fork of the Waves platform and supported by a number of key players from inside the Waves ecosystem.
  4. Approximately 76% of the entire supply of TN is already staked.
  5. There is a built-in Decentralized Exchange (DEX) inside the Turtle Network wallet able to handle over 100 transactions per second.
  6. Turtle Network just completed its one millionth transaction.
  7. ERC-20 gateways are live.

What is Turtle Network’s value proposition?

  1. Open, transparent, and collaborative discussions and decisions.
  2. Open developer-friendly environment.
  3. Gateway Framework allows other network coins or tokens to utilize the Turtle Network, DEX, Telegram tipping bot & access to the strong Turtle Community. The Turtle Network utilizes Gateways for bi-directional token transfer on/off the network, in a quick and seamless manner.
  4. ICO Due Diligence (IDD) framework to assist ICO holder with Due Diligence and investor with risk management.
  5. Telegram tipping and instant trade bot.
  6. We aspire to allow the community to be actively involved in binding decisions through blockchain voting (secure, transparent & fair)

Why Black Turtle BVBA?

Because Black Turtle BVBA is uses bleeding-edge open-source technology in the blockchain space and is a grassroots project made _by_ the people for the people. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn all about how this technology works, but you will also make lots of business connections within the blockchain space.

Job Description

We are looking for an intelligent (both IQ and EIQ) and motivated person to find business customers for a crypto company called BlackTurtle BVBA.

Sales support materials will be provided.

  • Experience with full sales cycles preferred.
  • Must be comfortable with CRM technology or ability to learn it quickly.
  • Must provide provable history of achieving sales metrics.

This is a temporary (commission only) position with opportunity to be hired (base+commission after 3 months of demonstrable sufficient results.

Salary range

100% commission


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