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POSTED May 17, 2019

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TruStory is a social network to debate claims with skin in the game. Our mission is to empower communities through productive debate.
Social networks today incentivize outrage, echo chambers, and fragmented conversation. Traditional media promotes clickbait and hot takes.
Weโ€™re changing that by rewarding open-mindedness, transparency, and humility. TruStory is a social network where your reputation is based entirely on the strength of your arguments.
Come debate with us:

Job Description

We just launched the private Alpha version of the TruStory App to our early community and the feedback so far has been very positive. We are now seeking smart, analytical debaters to join us on TruStory Alpha and be one of the first users to debate with token incentives.
The role is designed to be a short 4 week remote engagement where we will compensate you in proportion to how much you earn by engaging on the App.

  • For every TruStake you earn youโ€™ll receive $1; for every Cred you earn youโ€™ll receive $3.
  • Total compensation will be capped at $500 in the form of gift card(s).

Description of responsibilities:
Research crypto claims: Research and post new claims that can be debated on our platform.
Back & challenge claims: Gather and analyze information from credible sources and post arguments to verify or refute claims.
Engage on the App: Engage in other activities including endorsing claims, posting replies for arguments etc.

Salary range

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