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Blockchain Architect or Lead Blockchain Engineer

POSTED Apr 18, 2018

RemoteRemote , Singapore , Phoenix, AZ • Full-time

Alex Friedberg, Falcon Pursuit
Alex Friedberg Apr 18, 2018
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at Falcon Pursuit

Falcon Pursuit offers users, businesses, and developers a superior way to connect and engage with the digital world. We recognize that everyone is unique and so should your digital world. Our patented hardware and autonomous software use exact measurements to create an entirely unique, 3D avatar that represents you, a ‘digital you.’

Your Falcon Pursuit avatar looks like you, moves like you and can interact with the digital world just like you can the physical one. Your avatar isn’t just a blank-faced digital model - it’s you, virtually. Your avatar offers you the chance to connect deeper with the digital world being built around you. Using your avatar creates personalized, meaningful, emotional and on-demand connections across all digital industries, such as eCommerce, virtual reality, gaming, and more.

Falcon Pursuit has a strong foundational team, comprised of its co-founders James C. Holmstul and Jay White, and lead developer Carl Cospel. All have worked and collaborated over the last three years to bring this groundbreaking technology to market.

Job Description

Falcon Pursuit’s current core team, has the ability to develop and execute the core function of business including avatar rendering software, hardware production, intellectual property, and business development; however, we do not have in-house blockchain technical expertise.

We are searching for someone who wants to be the blockchain/DAG technical lead. You will be the driver of Falcon Pursuit’s avatar ecosystem technical architecture, including how the blockchain implementation integrates with the existing software and infrastructure.

The problems we’re trying to solve with our blockchain implementation are:

  1. A distributed, immutable ledger records the where, when and what each avatar has done within the digital ecosystem. For end users, this means having control over their avatar data privacy, and visibility of who can access it. For enterprise customers, this means data integrity and transparency on monetization or digital usage.

  2. We can increases scale of the ecosystem, and speed of application integration, by building an open-sourced, digital avatar protocol. The infrastructure can be used by any enterprise customer, software developer, hobbyist or community supporter to build anything imaginable for avatar users.

  3. Blockchain technology, in combination with cryptography, creates security and integrity within the ecosystem to protect the end user’s personal data. In future iterations, if users decide to connect their avatar to their unique identity, it can be done in a trusted and secure way. For example, Elon Musk can ensure that his avatar is the only verified representation of himself within the ecosystem.

A few initial concepts for our solution are as follows:

  • Requires very high potential TPS scalability
  • Proof of stake network validation
  • Two token economy, with 1) a dividend / staking token, and 2) a utility / network facilitation token
  • Security and privacy of a user’s sensitive avatar data is paramount

Salary range

Negotiable, Company/Token stake

This job has expired

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