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POSTED Apr 19, 2018

Bangalore   πŸ“† Full-time

at Aicumen

About Aicumen
We are in a digitally connected world where constant interactions between entities (people, devices, organizations) are creating networks that have a personality resembling real world human networks. This is making the value of entities relevant only in the context of the digital interaction. So, businesses need to intelligently understand trusted interactions between the entities in a continuum, as opposed to static behavioral understanding of the customer, to recognize value in the digital economy. This can be only accomplished through a digital order.

Job Description

1 – 2 years in Solidity/Serpent/LLL Smart Contract programming

Location: Bangalore

What we are looking for:

  1. Hands-on experience with Ethereum (geth node preferably) and Smart contract scripting married to web3.js environment

  2. Ability to use Cakeshop / Mix IDE / Eth.Camp IDE to design, develop, test and deploy smart contracts into private and public ethereum network

  3. Grasp on the consensus models, underlying intricacies, and upcoming release knowledge are preferred

  4. Hands-on experience in HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS and relevant web stacks are highly appreciated for stack compatibility

  5. Experience in using Truffle and other toolchains to develop dApps are a huge bonus

  6. Strong grip on Native APIs, encryption/crypto, and NoSQL database environments

  7. Knowledge on building ERC-20 token interfaces to 3rd Party dApps is also preferred

  8. Hands-on experience in any other blockchain network is a warm welcome!


  1. Opportunity to converge ideas and work together with some of the brightest minds in IoT, Blockchain, and AI

  2. Explore the unturned rocks and deliver solutions to β€œreal world” problems

  3. Great office space and community to ask for help and guidance

  4. Broader exposure to the enterprise/consumer blockchain ecosystem and Ethereum as well as Hyperledger Platforms to deliver killer dApps!

Salary range


This job has expired

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