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POSTED Apr 30, 2018

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at Chadenn

Chadenn is a pre-seed startup, which wants to provide a new user experience and revolutionize the system of traceability for agtech and foodtech via the blockchain technology.

Chadenn is at the genesis step, so you are applying to a co-founder position.

Job Description

You have to be a blockchain enthusiast, curious about distributed protocols, with experience working on Ethereum smart contracts and dev tools. Real knowledges about cryptography are welcomed.

You are going to design and implement parts of the protocol, and helping with research and validation of new ideas in the space.

Chadenn is at the genesis step, so you are applying to a co-founder position.


  • A working understanding of how blockchains and consensus protocols work.
  • Experience with writing smart-contracts (Solidity) .
  • A good grasp of best-practices in smart-contract security.
  • Experience with encryption tools.
  • Notion about secure hardware.
  • Curious and motivated to learn everything new.
  • Solid experience with researching, designing and implementing distributed systems is a big plus.

And the most important thing: Really motivated to work at a startup, where everything is to invent!

It’s a real opportunity for you to create something new and useful, so if you want to be a part of the team, feel free to contact us.

PS: If you think you got the temper you should apply to the CTO position.

Salary range

2-5% equity

This job has expired

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