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POSTED Mar 25, 2019

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at Liquidity Network

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LiquidChain builds the Liquidity.Network (, a practical global blockchain micropayment system, built on top of Ethereum, supporting millions of users securely, reducing transaction costs significantly and enabling the mainstream adoption of blockchain. As a global settlement system, the Liquidity.Network offers an API to developers to build their applications on top of and allowing payment processors to benefit from the secure and fast transmission of digital cash. The Liquidity.Network has no access to the assets of the participants/users, those funds are secured by the underlying blockchain. The secret sauce of the Liquidity.Network are novel hubs, which are significantly more powerful and simpler than traditional P2P payment channel networks such as Lightning and Raiden. Liquidity is the technology necessary to build fast, decentralized exchanges.

Job Description

Given our expansion process, we’re looking to work full-time with a full-stack software engineer. This is a great opportunity to contribute and be part of a fast-paced, continuously growing team working in the blockchain industry.

About You:
You are open to change and eager to work with tools and technologies that may be outside your comfort zone. You enjoy working in an open and collaborative environment and are willing and able to lead other developers in process, technology, and growth. You express your opinions, and have the facts to back them up, but are willing to compromise when necessary. You like to have fun while you’re working, but understand when it’s time to get serious.

What we expect from you:

  • 1-5 years of industry experience, preferably building rich web applications using high performance JavaScript
  • Extensive knowledge of Python and Django
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript and its many frameworks.
  • Extensive knowledge of web architecture concepts including HTTP and REST
  • Experience supporting continuous integration and automated testing
  • Experience collaborating on software projects with design and backend aspects
  • Experience with cross-browser compatibility
  • Experience leading technical discussions and providing rationale for your decisions
  • Commitment to developing cooperative and collaborative working relationships with your teammates
  • Leaning in to contribute to the company outside your role - our engineers have written blog posts, attended events, and helped grow our team
  • Comfortable in English with good written and verbal communication skills

What you can expect to work on:

  • You would be working on a decentralized exchange. It’s a fully functional financial asset exchange that supports blockchain token transfers over the Liquidity Network. You’ll be interfacing with the Liquidity Network API ( and also set up your own small backend to support certain functionalities of the exchange.
  • Be involved in the implementation of a no-fee transaction ecosystem
  • Learn about blockchain technology at a fast pace
  • Continuously improving your leadership and coding skills while working alongside a talented and high performing engineering team
  • Collaborating with design and product teams to understand and document feature requirements
  • Writing clear, concise technical documentation that your teammates will trust
  • Being responsible for leading discussions on use cases for new blockchain technologies and contributing to a constant dialogue on ways to improve our codebase and engineering practices
  • Nurturing an engineering culture that cares deeply about the quality of the code we write, while still working quickly to bring our technology to as many departments as possible

Bonus points

  • A GitHub account with some cool projects in it
  • Amazing debugging skills
  • Strong knowledge of fundamental blockchain technology
  • Interest and expertise in academic papers
  • Technical knowledge of at least one public or private blockchain system
  • Strong understanding of security principles and network
  • 3-5 years of full-stack development or in a similar role

What you can expect from us:

  • Constant collaboration with numerous including Engineering, Technical Services, and Product
  • A team that respects and embraces your ideas and expertise
  • Coworkers that are motivated by pursuing excellence, rather than the prospect of personal gain

We are open to remote hires.

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