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RealT was founded in 2019 by two successful real estate entrepreneurs who have also been active in cryptocurrency since 2013. They used their experience in both worlds to envision and create RealT. Taking their global knowledge and experience in real estate and their successful investments in blockchain technology, they’ve developed a platform and a business model for tokenizing real estate investing. RealT replaces paper deeds with digital tokens, a new asset ownership mechanism. This is an  innovative approach to  the world of DeFi, based on the Ethereum blockchain.


RealT is moving from being a start-up to being the authority in fractionalized real estate investing. Today, our team has grown exponentially and spans across the globe, with a diverse pool of talent to take RealT to the next level. 

Job Description

What we need help with —


RealT is currently looking to grow our team of developers. We are looking for a developer with skills in blockchain (Solidity) coding and back-end technology. We are a team of innovators, forward thinkers and multitaskers, and are passionate about improving the communities we invest in.  Interested? We’d love to hear from you!


Specific Responsibilities — 


- Ability to work independently

- Fluency in English; some fluency in French or Spanish a plus

- Blockchain smart contract development using Solidity or equivalent tool a must

- Familiarity with creating efficient and optimized solutions to keep gas usage low

- Knowledge in Front-end technologies, particularly: React/Web3

- Knowledge in Back-end technologies a plus, particularly: Node.js, AWS, SQL

- Flexible working hours

- Familiarity with DeFi, decentralized protocol, and DAO

- Motivated to grow and  learn in an innovative environment


You would be responsible for developing  blockchain technologies (smart contracts, APIs), and may also coordinate with external parties who develop blockchain modules for us. Additional responsibilities may include maintaining and evolving our internal infrastructure as we grow.


RealT is a welcoming community of tech and real estate entrepreneurs where you can grow to meet the challenges of today’s world.



Job Type: Contract                  Pay: Negotiable            Start Date: As soon as possible


Work Schedule: Flexible            Workplace: Remote 

We look forward to hearing from you — Please contact us at: [email protected]

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Posted on November 08, 2021

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