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Blockchain Engineer

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We are building a NFT marketplace for a $100B industry. Our company is venture backed and going after an underserved opportunity.


Job Description

Create a NFT platform for selling and creating NFT, similar to rarible or opensea. Integration with metamask and other wallets. Able to create NFT's on the site and a platform token. Platform token can be used for discounts when creating NFT's and purchasing NFT's Platform fee 5% using token fee 3% We want to create a new token smart contract and ICO contract. The ICO contract will be for a limited amount of minted coins to sell to the public.
Project outline
  1. . Build nft smart contracts and test 
  2. Test above smart contract 
  3. Develop front end
  4. Build smart contract for token
  5.  Build smart contract for ico
  6. Integrate metmask into front end
  7. Integrate nft and ico contracts in front end.
  8. Test for release
🌎 Remote
🛠 Engineering
We pay in crypto
📆 Full-time
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Posted on April 01, 2021

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