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Blockchain Engineer (Smart Contracts)

POSTED Nov 25, 2017
Matthew Iles, CEO, Civil
Matthew Iles, CEO Nov 25, 2017
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at Civil

Job Description

Civil: A Self-Sustaining Journalism Network

Civil is using a token-based economy to incentivize news reporting and fact-checking on a decentralized journalism platform. Our mission is to fuel a more civil society through self-sustaining journalism.

At Civil we are building an Ethereum-based decentralized marketplace for journalism that can be used to create “newsrooms” – digitally capitalized marketplaces where citizens and journalists can form communities around a shared purpose and set of standards, economically support factual reporting and investigative work, and substantially limit misinformation through effective crowd-vetting methods. The net result is a social marketplace for journalism that is free from ads, fake news, and outside influence. Learn more at and in our Whitepaper:

We have been featured in Neiman Lab, Poynter, Politico, Bloomberg, Fortune, Digiday, Coindesk and elsewhere.

Blockchain Engineer (Smart Contracts)

We are looking for an experienced Blockchain Engineer, who is passionate about building innovative solutions for a groundbreaking new marketplace. You should be knowledgeable of the existing Ethereum blockchain stack and visionary in your approach to leveraging its components. You should have a background in smart contracts (specifically state channels), as well as implementing data-centric, networked and rapidly changing systems. You will see this project through from technical strategy and wireframes, to the nitty gritty implementation. You should have a desire to grow with the company - encompassing not only growing your technical skills but building your managerial, teamwork, training and mentorship abilities.

We don’t require media experience, but a working knowledge of the space is encouraged and our journalism-focused mission should resonate with you. You will be integral to channeling our mission into a delightful product experience and elegant technology stack.

You are be incredibly hands on, entrepreneurial, and willing to roll up your sleeves whenever necessary. You thrive as a supportive teammate and are ambitious, strategic, analytical, creative, reliable, open-minded, and passionate. You will be part of a growing team and must have an adaptive and ambitious mindset, ready and willing to take on new and bigger challenges daily.

Skills and areas of knowledge you should feel comfortable with:

  • Interfacing with client side applications using web3.js
  • Testing smart contracts, perhaps using Truffle
  • Optimizing gas cost
  • Off-chain transactions and state channels
  • Token creation and ICO process
  • Decentralized storage protocols such as IPFS, Swarm, or Sia

  • Competitive salary and equity/token opportunity.
  • Top notch healthcare, including dental, vision and mental.
  • Family leave
  • Fitness reimbursements
  • Unlimited, unplug-enforced vacation

Salary range


This job has expired

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