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Blockchain Engineer (Smart Contracts)

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Hrishikesh is hiring for Razor Network
October 29, 2020

Truly decentralized oracle network. Connecting Smart Contracts with real world data

A truly decentralized oracle network. Razor network is the first oracle network, which is both fast AND secure. We will also be building apps to showcase the power of the oracle and to bootstrap user adoption.
We are solving the Oracle problem.
Oracle problem is a well-known problem in space and is one of the hardest to solve. The problem is that the smart contracts cannot access external data.
Seven of the top 10 DeFi apps (according to defipulse) require an oracle. And due to the lack of a reliable decentralized oracle, they are relying on centralized oracles.
Razor network will create the first truly decentralized, general-purpose oracle network, which is both fast and secure. The network is designed from the ground up to be robust and resistant to various game-theoretical vulnerabilities.

Job Description

What we're looking for

Razor Network is seeking a talented individual who possesses infinite curiosity. We’re looking for an experienced Blockchain(Smart Contract) Engineer to join our product team. You are results oriented and milestones driven with a good eye for finer details to deliver well-documented technical solutions that are effective, clean and well-tested. We are a lean startup and expect you to wear many hats when needed and you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty.


  • 2+ years of experience in working with Solidity and Nodejs/any JS famework.
  • 1+ year experience with truffle, ganache CLI, geth, web3.js and remix.
  • Experience operating blockchain nodes especially in Ethereum.
  • Deep knowledge of UNIX/Linux system internals such as system calls, TCP/IP, and debugging tools.
  • Familiarity with Git and Version Control
  • We love TDD practice in the development process. Has experience in writing test cases.
  • It would be nice to have experience working with containers and container orchestration systems (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.).
  • If you are a curious learner and keep on iterating with new development on new tech development happening across the blockchain ecosystem then it would be a bonus.


Our engineers are also inventors of the company and responsible for leading multiple initiatives for building and testing complex applications. You will work as part of the product team in a fast paced environment with changing needs and requirements to develop solutions, communicate progress, technical issues and their resolutions.

  • Develop new products and iterate on features.
  • Support existing projects/applications.
  • Create modular code and libraries for future usage.
  • Lead product ideation, product testing, launch, end-user training, and rollout
  • Audit and optimize code for performance issues, stability, speed and scalability.
  • Manage the product backlog through continuous prioritization
  • Communicate regularly with our customers and partners

About Us

We are an ambitious, mission-driven tech startup that’s redefining the blockchain space. Our mission is to build a truly decentralized oracle network. Razor network will be the first oracle network, which is both fast AND secure. We will also be building apps to showcase the power of the oracle and to bootstrap user adoption.

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Posted on October 29, 2020

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