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Blockchain Frontend Engineer

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April 08, 2021

We envision a world of shared prosperity

We accelerate the growth and adoption of open, decentralized blockchain networks to support our vision of a fairer, more transparent and decentralized world #sharedProsperity. We're a team of 15+ developers, investors and blockchain enthusiasts who’s shaping the decentralized future. Our field of activities range from providing staking services and investing in digital assets to the development of comprehensive tools & applications based on public blockchains (e.g. Thorchain, Terra, Fantom, etc.)

Job Description


As the first fully dedicated frontend engineer in our team, you will be responsible for:

  • Planning, implementing and testing of responsive web and mobile frontend applications
  • Accompany the entire process from designs and specifications to live deployments for any user-facing product we build
  • Collaborate with internal and external designers as well as backend/on-chain engineers
  • Constantly improve the user experience through A/ B Testing
  • Actively identify & suggest enhancements and new features
  • Creating smooth user experiences to connect end users to the blockchain
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with the rapidly evolving blockchain and crypto ecosystem



  • Demonstrate a strong affinity for design
  • Professional experience of 2+ years in frontend development
  • Experience with Typescript, VueJS, Bootstrap, Flutter and Web3 libraries
  • Solid knowledge of computer science fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, databases, distributed systems, networking
  • Intelligent use of asynchronous programming
  • Knowing the concept of atomic design pattern
  • Proper use of State Managers (e.g. Vuex for VueJS)
  • Knowledge of how to increase website performance and handle browser compatibility issues
  • Experience with blockchain specific frontend libraries
  • Understanding the usage and security aspects of crypto wallets
  • Fluent English skills in spoken and written form
  • Openness to align with our company values
  • You should be already active in the crypto space and demonstrate a great passion about blockchain, crypto and a decentralized future.



You will be working with one of the pioneers in the blockchain industry. We shape the future by pushing blockchain to mass adoption. By being part of block42 you will get valuable insights into this fascinating tech and crypto space.

We offer you the possibility of fully flexible working hours. The essential thing is not the number of hours you sit in front of your computer, but the work you deliver. The same flexibility will be offered for your working place.  You can join our office in Graz/Austria, but it’s also perfectly fine to work fully remote, as some of our colleagues are already doing so. You will be given room for your own ideas and improvements for block42 and its products.

The position is meant to be full-time. The starting date of work is flexible, but the sooner the better. By law we are obliged to state the minimum amount of compensation, which is €35,784 gross per year (based on full-time employment in Austria including health care and pension insurance).

The actual compensation is probably higher and is based on your qualification, the bitcoin price(*) and your experience.


(*) just kidding! No worries, we will pay as agreed. But if you want, you can opt-in to get parts of your compensation in crypto.



Applications will only be taken into consideration if

  1. they’re sent via e-mail to [email protected] and
  2. the subject contains the hashtag “#ttm” 

We will carefully review it and come back to you as soon as possible.

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Posted on April 08, 2021

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