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POSTED Feb 27, 2018
Kiran Vaidya, U.CASH
Kiran Vaidya Feb 27, 2018
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Job Description

About the Job

  • We expect minimum 10+ years of developer experience
  • Full stack developer with basic understanding of mobile technologies (Android) and at least proof of concept experience in one public blockchain like Ethereum
  • This is a full time role
  • Candidate should be willing to work in a startup environment

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Our development teams are based out of Toronto and Mumbai and the candidate has to work very closely with both teams
  • Integration of the non blockchain components of the product with the blockchain components as well as the UI/UX and the mob app
  • Work with testing teams
  • Single point of contact for all non-developers regarding coding issues
  • Ensure all the best practices are followed
  • Code review
  • Introduce as much automation as possible using open source technologies to help speed up internal processes
  • Understand existing design of the product and work on future design and architecture
  • Work on scaling the existing infrastructure to meet future requirements
  • Looking after the cybersecurity of the product

Qualifications and Skills

  • Good knowledge of public blockchain and their providers e.g. Ethereum
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript and experience working with Node.JS, Python, Go/Rust
  • Demonstrable experience with modern front-end frameworks:
  • AngularJS/ReactJS/Vue.js/Backbone/Ember.js
  • Experience with RESTful Services and APIs
  • Comfortable working with both relational and NoSQL data stores
  • Knowledge of at least one cloud infrastructure technology such as AWS, Google Cloud,Microsoft Azure etc.
  • Need to be comfortable working with Linux and have a good understanding of OS internals
  • Experience on Smart contract and Solidity, development tools for Ethereum (testrpc, geth, Web3, eth_lightwallet, etc.)
  • Familiarity with cryptographic algorithms and decentralized systems
  • Strong background of either C or C++ or Core Java

Salary range

At industry Par

This job has expired

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