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POSTED May 12, 2019

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Our platform serves as a mesh to PoS chains through solutions such as a wallet, validator bonding, yield multiplier, and community tools. We are poised to marry crypto-economic solutions and mechanisms under one roof, forging a platform to be adopted by the masses for its ease-of-use and innovation.

Job Description


⁃ Create metrics to measure, rank, and compare proof of stake validators
⁃ Conduct technical analysis/audits on validators, including: analyzing their economics, physical and digital security, compliance risks and opportunities
⁃ Utilize analyses to compare the quality of validators on a technical and nontechnical basis without bias
⁃ Proactively stay informed about market trends, opportunities, risks, and new projects in the validator space
⁃ Conduct market research on the current and future state of validators


⁃ Nontechnical role, no coding required
⁃ Strong understanding of staking economics and infrastructure requirements
⁃ Solid understanding of blockchain technologies/DevOps generally
⁃ Ability to conduct research and draw conclusions on a topic with minimal documentation scattered across various platforms
⁃ Superior research and writing abilities

Salary range



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